Final thoughts on Ike’s championship performance

The general sentiment is that Eisenhower is a Phoenix Suns-type of run-and-gun team who simply outscores people. On their biggest stage this season, the Eagles thwarted that theory with some gritty, nasty defense the Suns would have envied.

Imagine shooting 29 percent from the field – 29% for crying out loud! – and winning by nine points. Eisenhower scrapped for every loose ball, corralled most of the tipped rebounds and, indicative of the effort level, Keyon Sayles jumped over the media tables to save a loose ball… twice. Ike never quite picked up its shooting percentage from the field but after beginning the game 7-for-20 from the free throw line the Eagles made 8 of their last 10 in clutch fashion.

Here are some final numbers:
Shooting perecentage – Eisenhower 28.6% (16 for 56); Pasadena 27.4% (17 for 62)
3-point shooting percentage – Eisenhower 13.6% (3 for 22); Pasadena 20% (3 for 15)
Free throw percentage – Eisenhower 53.1% (17 for 32); Pasadena 60% (6 for 10)

Leading scorers: Eisenhower – Alex Varner 17, Kirby Gardner 15; Pasadena – Todd Lewis 21, George Toyama 9.
Rebounds: Eisenhower – Devin Garner 8, Bernard Ireland 8; Pasadena – Brandon Jolley 12.
Assists: Eisenhower – Kirby Gardner 2; Pasadena – Toyama 2, Jolley 2, Chris Bridges 2.

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