2011 All-Valley football team

Gaylon Maxie, Running Back, Carter, Senior

Gabriel Luis Acosta/Staff Photographer

Tony Barile, Summit

Will Lester/Staff Photographer

first team
QB: Larry Cutbirth, Etiwanda, Sr.
RB: Donta Abron, Upland, Senior
RB: Sir-Darius Yarbrough, Pomona, Senior
RB: Xavier Browne, Chino, Sr.
WR: Kenny Lawler, Upland, Sr.
WR: Raphael Barr, Etiwanda, Sr.
TE: Metuisela Unga, Rancho Cucamonga, Sr.
OL: Kenyatta Johnson, Upland, Sr.
OL: Dylan La Frenz, Los Osos, Sr.
OL: Nick Enriquez, Chino Hills, Sr.
OL: Brandon Carter, Rancho Cucamonga, Sr.
OL: Aiseah Hanson, Kaiser, Sr.
K: Jonathan Pena, Rialto, Sr.
UTL: George Katrib, Diamond Bar, Sr.

DL: Christian Powell, Upland, Sr.
DL: Kenny Clark, Carter, Jr.
DL: Nikko Taylor, Summit, Sr.
DL: Joe Mathis, Upland, Jr.
LB: Reshawn Hooker, Miller, Sr.
LB: Eddie Martinez, Colony, Sr.
LB: Jamaal Williams, Summit, Sr.
LB: Viliami Latu, Rancho Cucamonga, Jr.
DB: Donte Deayon, Summit, Sr.
DB: Marques Mosley, Upland, Sr.
DB: Bryan Harper, Colony, Sr.
DB: Garrett Horine, Bonita, Sr.
P: Cody Fisher, Chino Hills, Sr.
UTL: Chaz Nelson, Colony, Sr.

second team
QB: Dimitri Morales, Rancho Cucamonga, Sr.
RB: Devon Samuels, Chaffey, Sr.
RB: Cameron Griffin, Bonita, Sr.
RB: Jalen Castille, Damien, Sr.
WR: Jack Austin, Chino Hills, Sr.
WR: Marvelle Harris, Eisenhower, Sr.
TE: Daulton Tumser, Upland, Sr.
OL: Blake Benjamin, Diamond Ranch, Sr.
OL: Cameren Turner, Rancho Cucamonga, Sr.
OL: Alec Zenner, San Dimas, Sr.
OL: Gerrad Kough, Pomona, Sr.
OL: Tony Aguilera, Summit, Sr.
K: Dillon Corona, San Dimas, Sr.
UTL: Jake Payton, San Dimas, So.

DL: Isaiah Aneke, Colony, Sr.
DL: Keenan Sykes, Summit, Jr.
DL: Jesse Ojeda, San Dimas, Sr.
DL: Nate Akingbemi, Carter, Sr.
LB: Justin Bugh, San Dimas, Jr.
LB: Jacob Ardron, Diamond Ranch, Sr.
LB: Naim Colbert, Chino Hills, Sr.
LB: Robert Wagner, Colony, Sr.
DB: Chris Hawkins, Rancho Cucamonga, Jr.
DB: Chris Miller, Diamond Ranch, Sr.
DB: Anthony Adamo, Chino, Sr.
DB: Klyvens Delaunay, Claremont, Sr.
P: Sean Aspinall, Upland, Jr.
UTL: Koa LaBonta, Sr., Los Osos

third team
QB: Nate Romine, Upland, Jr.
RB: Mike Salas, Ontario Christian, Sr.
RB: Tyan Washington, Rancho Cucamonga, Jr.
RB: Taleeb Isom, Kaiser, Sr.
WR: Jordan Villamin, Etiwanda, Jr.
WR: Jermel Walker, Rancho Cucamonga, Jr.
TE: Ryan Ramirez, Bonita, Jr.
OL: William Anguiano, San Dimas, Sr.
OL: Isaac Villagrana, Summit, Sr.
OL: Davis Harrison, Claremont, Sr.
OL: Brandon Chillette, Carter, Sr.
OL: Sione Matalau, Chaffey, So.
K: Brian Drulias, Diamond Bar, Sr.
UTL: Samajie Grant, Colony, Jr.

DL: Andrew Perez, Miller, Sr.
DL: Brandon Arden, Los Osos, Sr.
DL: Anthony Steele, Kaiser, Sr.
DL: Adrian Rodriguez, Chino, Jr.
LB: Michael Todd, Pomona, Sr.
LB: Bennie Robinson, Upland, Sr.
LB: A.J. Latu, Rancho Cucamonga, Sr.
LB: James Wernli, Claremont, Sr.
DB: Toure Boyd, Rancho Cucamonga, Sr.
DB: Darius McCants, Colony, Sr.
DB: Justin Strong, Summit, Jr.
DB: Caleb McClure, Ontario Christian, Sr.
P: Angel Ramirez, Fontana, Sr.
UTL: Jordan Robinson, Ayala, Jr.

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  • Football fan


    Your a moron, there are guys that were all inland valley last year as juniors that are not on even on the 2nd or 3rd team. Better stats than last year.. This is just a non football guy guessing at picks. Some of these guys were all CIF and not on your list.. MORON>>>>

  • What a joke!

    Unbelievably bad… You totally dissed A.Ochoa and C.Fernandez from Ontario High. Each had incredible defensive stats. Face it, you’re not a journalist, you have your favorite schools and the truth be damned!

  • bruins34

    This whole paper has favorites. Summit beat Kaiser to stop Kaisers 10 year Sunkist winning streak and they put a Kaiser player scoring Kaisers only TD of the game on the front of the sports page. I used to subscribe to it but they refuse to support Summit football . They never go to the games and the only reason they went to the last one is because it was the CIF final. There all a bunch of “good ole boys” living in the past. Now I read the Fontana Herald. They support all the fontana high schools.

  • NYJ Fan

    I dropped my subscription as well. My son went to Colony his freshman year, so I never noticed the slant. As a sophomore, he transferred to Ontario High and that’s when it became obvious to me. There is only coverage of the reporters’ favorite schools regardless of other school’s successes.

    Ontario’s VB team won league four-straight years and in all that time only one story and it was mostly about their final loss. During football 2010, Steve Randall became winningest coach in Ontario High history, nothing. Cross-country is always on top, nothing there either.

    Hey Daily Bulletin: Word is out and we’re starting to notice.

  • I think you all need to do a little more homework…

    There was a story on Summit football every day the week of their CIF championship game, not to mention the story on the Summit O-line the second week of the playoffs… AND the Summit coach is coach of the year!

    There was a preseason story about Summit starting the year number 1. And the Sunkist league preview was all about how Summit was going to beat Kaiser. Don’t make such sweeping judgements because of one picture… did you read the game story when Summit beat Kaiser? It was a celebration of Summit’s accomplishment.

    Ontario doesn’t have players on the all-area team for simple reasons. The football program is bad in a bad league. You’re telling me that guys at Ontario are better players than those at RC, Upland, Colony, Bonita, Etiwanda, Chino Hills, Chino, San Dimas, etc.?!? The Ontario football program can’t make the playoffs in a seven-team league where four teams make the playoffs… yet their coach is supposed to be celebrated more than those of other programs that actually win league titles and make noise in the playoffs.

    The Ontario volleyball team you speak of that was so great was in a very low division and STILL lost early in the playoffs every year. Ontario is supposed to get more coverage than the volleyball teams who actually make noise in the playoffs in higher divisions with better competition? And the Ontario cross country team that was “on top” finished behind Colony, who actually went to STATE. And Colony hardly got any coverage but you expect Ontario to be written about?

    C’mon, be a little bit realistic.

  • Cowboy fan

    Clay it’s ok. This is a big area with alot of schools. When you have a wide range of competition then there are going to be players left out. Let’s face it the Baldy league can’t compete with the Baseline and the Sierra. The Ontario players are undoubtedly good players but the competition is poor by comnparison. most of the players at Chino, Ontario, Colony, Montclair ect would not start at Rancho or Upland and people don’t understand that. But I disagree with any player who transfers for selfish reasons. They should not be on the team. Like Abron from Upland who transfered. I want to see what his stats with Alta Loma wouls have been this year.

  • big dog

    Clay is one person covering many schools. baseline and sunkist leagues were rated very on prepsnightlive show. see look up how far these schools went in the playoffs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep the good work clay……upland/rancho/summit/ all went very far….

  • bruins34

    The only reason there were some stories about Summit every day championship week because there was no other SB county school playing . If there were the Bulletin wouldn’t have been out there. As for any articles he wrote about Summit all season . He was never at the games (except maybe Kaiser) He always called the coach to see what happened. Either way they should cover all the schools.

  • UplandMom

    Abron’s “transfer” was completely legal. He and his family moved to upland midway through his sophomore year for personal reasons. He was a first team baseline league running back his sophomore year at alta Loma and had stats that proved why he was honored. He deserves to be the all-valley MVP and and its not fair that people keep attacking him because of his move. No one ever talks about the people who leave big schools because they move to a different city. All of the players that made the team deserve it and had amazing seasons. The reason mt. Baldy league players didn’t make it was because of the lack of competition in their league. I’m surprised certain players didn’t make it like philip fisher a linebacker from alta Loma or Eduardo Ramirez a offensive tackle from upland or either of the linebackers from Etiwanda JJ Everard or chandler Scott. But nontheless it’s a great list

  • football fan

    Made the move for personal reasons..HAHAHAHAH! what a joke, he made the move for football and football only. It was a legit move, but still was for football only. Yes, even if he was on ALta Loma I believe he would have been a first teamer, he is a terrific running back. All players are deserviing on the list, but There are a couple that were left off all three teams (1st,2nd & 3rd) that were first teamers last year and their stats were better this year and were left off all three. All about favorites with Clay…

  • Donnie Cupp

    Not here to “dis” you or your columns. Just need help locating 11/12 All-Sunkist Girls Volleyball 1st & 2nd team selections. . . . Just a proud dad collecting info of daughters achievements etc. (Donyell Cupp, Senior @Bloomington High. “Late bloomer” playing for a team that gets no support from her school still hung in there and finished #9-In the entire State-BLOCKS as an O.H. amongst ALL Senior players, and #17 in the State amongst ALL players. Donyell also runs track and happens to be the granddaughter of ex Heavyweight Boxing Champ MICHAEL ” HERCULES” WEAVER from Pomona.
    Thanks in advance, from a proud Dad

  • You must be doing something right to have all these people upset w/ you about your picks. Good work.