Sources: Joe Laski fired at Rancho Cucamonga

Rancho Cucamonga High School baseball coach Joe Laski was fired on Wednesday, according to multiple sources, eight games into his tenure as the Cougars head coach. The reason for Laski’s termination remains unknown. When reached by phone on Thursday, Laski declined comment. Rancho Cucamonga athletic director Sean Sullivan also declined to comment on the matter.

“I have strict instructions not to comment in any way about that issue,” Sullivan said.

Laski, a Rancho Cucamonga resident, is also a teacher at Baldwin Park High School. For the previous seven years Laski was the head baseball coach at Gabrielino High School before Rancho Cucamonga hired him July 12 to replace Chris Amaya, who mysteriously resigned in May following his fifth year as the Cougars head baseball coach and the team’s fourth consecutive postseason appearance.

A school official coached Rancho Cucamonga in today’s 7-3 victory over Upland. The win gave the Cougars an overall record of 3-6 on the season and evened its Baseline League record at 1-1.

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    This is an utter shame. When parents and players emotion collide. One faction for Laski and another begging for Amaya. Add that to a six, now seven game losing streak dear fricken heaven. Get out of that hellhole while you still can. Before Sullivan and Kelsen strangle you…

  • Anonymous player

    To the “w28stside” it’s a shame you don’t know you facts, I believe that now with out Joe Laski we are 1-0 beating a very good Upland High school team 7-3. The program can now be taken in a positive direction towards success and not failure. I really do feel sorry for you and your lack of knowledge on what really is going on down in the program, Joe Laski was fired because he is not fit for the program and we can leave it at that. Truly said you try to slander the program without facts.
    Knowledgable player in the program

  • Itsabouttime

    LOL! No, what is truly an utter shame is that someone like Laski was hired for this position in the first place. Poor guy he was clearly in over his head…anyone with any understanding of the game could see how obvious that was. Whoever had anything to do with bringing this guy in should be held accountable for making such a careless and irresponsible choice in hiring someone who doesn’t understand the basic rules of the game and obviously has no clue about judging talent.

  • the truth

    In over his head doesn’t even describe this situation. But let’s be fair and point the blame squarely at those who are at fault, the principal Virginia Kelsen and athletic director Sean Sullivan. My son played for Amaya and I admit I am big Amaya supporter. He ran the program the way a baseball program should be run and the results are stated in this article, four consecutive playoff appearances in his five years. The school administration is clearly ruining that program. Laski is not faultless however. He clearly was in a state of shock when he realized that Baseline League baseball is not division 5 baseball like where he came from. He alienated players and parents. Love or hate Amaya, you could at least approach and talk to him. Too bad for those current players.

  • cry babies

    All of these comments people are posting don’t mean anything. The fact of the matter is that all the schools rancho,etiwanda, los osos, alta loma have parents that are controlling and manipualtive. Look at all those schools, they are constantly recycling coaches because the parents are too much. They all think they’re kids are superstars. The schools have allowed these parents to control the situation, and it will not get fixed till they put there foot down!!Good luck rancho, you will be lucky to go .500.

  • just the facts…

    He’s gone…RCHS Varsity wins…what more is there?

  • JT

    Its funny …when your kid goes 4 for 4 you praise him, when he goes 0 for 4 we blame the coach. Parents these days are living vicariously thru there kids and only see dollar signs. Administrators have no spine and bendover for out of control parents. RC lost a good coach and more importantly a good person. Amaya know what he was doing when he split.

  • formerplayer

    Laski is a great coach. @anonymus player, I saw RC play during a winter ball game in Arcadia, with the exception of 3 or 4 players the team isn’t that strong. Laski is a coach that can turn a team with a few good players into a good team with his old school small ball philosophies. The BESR era is over you guys aren’t gonna hit homeruns every atbat. In addition his philosophies take diligence and most importantly some intelligence to grasp.You are not apart of the program based on your comment about his fit in the program, as head varsity coach he is the program maybe you and your fellow teammates are to caught up in being individuals instead of being a team which suggest you guys are a poor fit. As for you “itsabouttime” saying he can’t recognize talent, in 2009 a freshman was his #2 starter who now as of today has 368 career strikeouts and another freshman that year was a starting middle infielder who in his junior season was a All-Cif selection for D2 so he knows a good player when he sees them. @just the facts it is a very uneducated assumption to feel since Laski has been taken out RC wins and there is nothing more. 2 games are a small sample size if you were of any intelligence you would not make such a remark.

  • knowledgeable fan

    @formerplayer lets get a couple things straight…first of all small ball doesn’t work for all programs regardless of BBCOR bats. It’s player personnel that dictates team strategy!! You can’t force a particular style of baseball onto any group of kids. I’ve seen Rancho play. They don’t seem to bunt well. If that’s the case, DON’T DO IT! Laski tried to ram his style of baseball down the throats of a team that couldn’t execute and Laski was too stubborn and egotistical to do anything different. And with regards to these players you are bringing up….first your pitcher with 300+ strikeouts, come on, it’s not hard to rack up strikeouts against those “powerhouse” El Monte teams and Rosemead. Those stats don’t mean anything. And your All CIF selection thought so much of Laski and his program that he split and got out of that program and went to Arcadia, where he was the All CIF selection, not with Laski. And Rancho is now 3-1 in the post-Laski era. Not a coincidence. But let’s be fair, that program is still shaky. That don’t seem to have a real coaching staff in place. That does not seem to be the place to send kids to if you want a quality baseball experience. Which truly is a shame, because during Amaya’s time at RC, numerous kids transferred into that school from various schools, including 4 starters on that team right now!! Now kids can’t get out of there quick enough. With Los Osos’s mess recently and Etiwanda being down, looks like Alta Loma will be the place that kids flock to now, because Rancho certainly isnt. It’s funny that all of these problems started when Amaya departed and a new principal and athletic director took over. It’s not hard to figure out why Amaya left after his success. Maybe he saw the writing on the wall and wanted nothing to do with this.

  • formerplayer

    @knowledgeable fan have you stood in the box with a BBCOR bat? Player personnel does not necessarily dictate team strategy baseball is a beautiful sport that allows for 9 players on each side to play at one time, so a combination can be made to show the strengths of your players and of your coaching philosophies. Many of Laski’s teams had powerful bats, but he made a combination from his players to showcase the multiple dimensions of his teams to the fullest. If the kids can’t bunt at this stage of their careers something has gone wrong with their development. From the look of things offense is the least of RC’s problems the team makes too many errors to expect to win, they have from what maxpreps says 19 earned runs versus 23 unearned runs. The pitcher with 368 strikeouts against teams outside of the MVL and D5 has 88k’s in 61 innings and in 4 playoff appearances 2 of them starts has 16 ip with 23k’s so if you are looking for quality opponents against he has had them. So don’t give me that rubbish that the MVL sucks and the numbers are over inflated. As for the transfer of the All-Cif selection if you were knowledgeable you would now the transfer was apart of the athletes physical move of housing from San Gabriel to Arcadia, he did not “split”.

  • eaglesneedlaski

    its a shame, that rancho didnt realize they had a great coach in their hands. He turned a 0-15 program at gabrielino to a 4 time league champion. and if it wasnt for some calls, Gabrielino would of gone to state in his last year at gabrielino. He rasied three great picthers. He has had a player been drafted. Rancho wont know what they lost until its gone. Like Gabrielino is suffering right now with their coach, rancho will too. Its a shame that Rancho did this.

  • Thejoke’sonyou

    It’s funny to hear all of this talk about how great it was under Amaya. Also, it’s a hoot to actually believe he left on his own terms. Some of the parents and players on this blog are absolutely nuts and blind to the reality of things or just choose to have selective memories. Let’s not let reality or the truth get in the way. Laski didn’t fit with the egos on the team and their enabling parents. It definitely seems like Laski made some silly/stupid mistakes, but those in no way came close to what happened under the past regime. The whole thing is a cluster-you-know-what thanks to players, parents and district administrators getting involved. Also, what the heck is going on with parents moving their kids from school to school just to play baseball? “That’s OK son, you can’t hack it here, I’ll move you somewhere else.” Way to teach your kids some valuable lessons. Not. It’s just a joke to think that these parents “imagine” these fantasies about their boys’ baseball futures. The basic fact is some spoiled brats and their kids decided to take down a program and coach. Good one. What a joke. This is a district wide problem now. It really is funny if you think about it.

  • Really

    These parents need to stop running their children’s lives. If the kids aren’t playing or listed on the starting line up, its because they need to improve. What are these Parents going to do once their kids are playing at the college level? Intervene there too, complaining about whomever the Coach is, trying to get that Coach fired as well?
    Coach Laski obviously spent more time coaching at Gabrielino, and was able to improve the skills of already great baseball players. It didn’t happen overnight. People on here are saying Coach Laski wasn’t a “good fit” for Rancho Cucamonga and the Baseball program, yet he didn’t have enough time to prove what he could do to help RC Baseball and their players exceed to a greater level.
    This is obviously an on-going issue, since this isn’t the first time it’s happened for the school, or even the district. It’s not the coach, and it’s not the players either-it’s the parents.