Colony QB Simko fighting for Chino Hills starting job

Colony High School junior quarterback Matt Simko transferred to Chino Hills High School on Monday and had his eligibility approved by CIF Thursday per his family’s residence change. The Mt. Baldy League offensive player of the year last season has joined Chino Hills spring practice and is competing for the starting quarterback job with Zach Chadwick, who also plays linebacker.

All indications from Chino Hills coach Derek Bub are that he would love to avoid playing Chadwick both ways and the 6-foot-3 Simko’s arrival will likely make that an easy decision.

“I didn’t have any idea this was happening before Friday,” Bub said. “But he is going to help us a lot. He’s a great drop back passer with a cannon for an arm. He’s a ‘yes sir, no sir’ kid and all he’s done is work hard.”

Chino Hills two-year starting quarterback Andrew Chavez will graduate in a couple of months. But Chino Hills returns a talented receiving corps led by the 6-3, 195-pound Jack Austin, who had 65 receptions for 921 yards and 11 TDs last season.

Though he rotated with Arizona signee Bryan Harper at Colony last season, Simko completed 60 percent of his passes for 1,893 yards with 11 touchdowns and three interceptions as the Titans advanced to the CIF-SS Central Division semifinals, where they lost to top-seeded Rancho Verde, 42-14.

Simko was to step in as Claremont’s starting quarterback last season but transferred over the summer to Colony where Matt Bechtel was the head football coach. Bechtel resigned from Colony last week.

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    Thanks Simco and Bechtel, This puts Chino into the Mt Baldy League drivers seat for 2012 season. How many more Colony players will defect now that another new coach is coming in.

  • Donald Martin

    Actually it puts Ontario in the drivers seat for the league title…

  • A realist

    I still think Colony is in the drivers eat but this league can easily be stollen

    Chaffey- Is always a cotender and its young talent now has expirience and are entering their junior and senior years

    Chino _ altough losing some very talented players, Their coaching staff will have them plaing to the best of their ability

    Lugo – Lugo is on the up and up and I dont believe the new coaching staff will hurt them

    Ontario is return a lot of players and do have an outside shot at the playoffs but a league title may be lofty

    Montclair – Not expected to make noise in the laegue but hey you never know

    Gary – Well you just hope they can get something going for the players and schools sake

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    @Cowboy Fan,

    Nice! You’re expecting to do “the last roundup” to soon my friend. The one thing that’s obvious about Colony is they always produce athletes. That said, I wouldn’t be so quick to pack up your rodeo. They’ll compete. By the way, didn’t they beat you last season? Lol.

    Only four months to go!

  • WTF

    Martin, what are you smoking? Onterrible has no shot. That program has taken 8 steps back. Your only chance of winning is hoping Randall comes back. The coaches there now are a joke. The players fight with each other in the middle of games, they’ll be lucky to win 2 games next year…Good luck

  • Who’s Talking

    WTF, what are you smoking. Randall won and average of three or four games a year. At least the coaching staff is trying to change things at ontario. Last year there were only a couple of seniors. They have like 25 coming back that played last year. They at the least have a decent chance of making a aplash in the league. Dont be a hater when you obviously don’t know whats going on. I mean when has Ontario been dominant where you can make a statement where the coaches are worse then before. Know what you are talking about before you speak.

  • Who’s Talking

    WTF, what are you talking about. What did Randall do that was so great. Did Ontario ever win league under Randall. How many times did they have a winning season. Last year was the coaching staffs first year, so I think we should give them a break. This year will tell us whether they are a good staff or not, but what are you smoking to be making claims like these. They had like 8 seniors and a lack of leadership from what I saw. You must be a parent of a senior last year haha. But what did the team do that was so great before this staff got there?

  • Just a pair of eyes

    I will say the last time Ontario was dominant was 2008 when they beat colony. Ontarios coaching staff was very good, they were running option game which itself is a beast to defend. Mind everyone that Randall Staff contained several former D1coaches along with other coaches with years of experience. Also that year. That staff beat colony with Ontario Kids. I believe after stocking took over there was only two coaches that stayed on staff, everyone else was new. As far Martins statement abouy winning league!. Lmfao, maybe if ontario moved into lets say, elmonte somehwere. I saw colonies yoinger players that are going to ne jrs and senoirs, theu have some great talent. Ontario more than likley will battle for fourth place this year.

  • Just a pair of eyes

    Sorry I made an error on the D1 coaches. That needs to former D1athletes that were coaching

  • Kudos to Martin

    Don Martin is expressing the enthusiasm and experience in knowing that you can’t discount the value of 26 returning seniors, including 7 offensive starters and another 6 on defense. No one has given Ontario a second glance for awhile and although few on the outside have seen what’s going on, those on the inside have seen a marked change, especially in the commitment of the boys during the off-season. Even the sideline during last night’s 6-1 passing league victory over Montclair, was humming. Will it carry through to the regular season and league-play? Only time will tell.

    Of the seven head coaches in the Mt. Baldy League, five are new: 2012 Don Lugo, Colony, Garey; and, 2011 Ontario & Montclair.

    I think there will be several people eating their words when the underdogs take a bite out of a few of the big dogs this year.

    Chino is always good, and Colony does produce some great athletes… Chaffey has a host of returners including some very large linemen… Montclair has a great turn-out so far… Don Lugo can never be discounted and Garey is hungry… This could be one of the most competitive years in the MBL in a long time.