Upland QB trying to play himself off waiting list

Nate Romine could have a scholarship offer after Oregon State’s camp on Saturday or the Upland High School quarterback may have to wait until February for his first offer. Timing is just one of the senior’s many variables.

Romine could find himself anywhere from Yale to Air Force to, well, Oregon State but who or how many will offer is anybody’s guess. Of the Pac-12 schools interested, Romine believes Oregon State is the closest to issuing him his first offer. His performance on the camp circuit this summer could land him a handful of offers, however, those already in possession of offers from his target schools may have as much influence on Romine’s future as he will.

“I’m the second or third guy on a lot of people’s recruiting boards,” said Romine. “With Oregon State, they’ve already offered a couple of quarterbacks but they don’t really think they’re going to commit. They told me that if I impress them at this camp I could be an offer guy but I know things also depend on whether their other recruits commit somewhere else.”

Among those interested in Romine are Nevada, Washington State, Fresno State, Navy, Army, Air Force, Yale and Penn. As the latter part of that list would suggest, the Upland quarterback is preparing himself to be faced with equally enticing lures of elite football and high-level academics.

Romine is more than happy to use his sport as a ticket to an Ivy League education seeing as the career he’s interested in doesn’t necessarily include a three-letter acronym.

“It’s not that I don’t want to play in the NFL, but I want the option for a career that doesn’t involve football,” Romine said. “My objective isn’t to wow the country with my football for four years. I want to use football to get an education. So, yeah, I guess that makes me different than a lot of guys.”

After leading Upland to a 12-0 start in his first season as a starter before losing in the semifinals to eventual CIF champion Vista Murrieta, second or third on the recruiting board may not do justice to Romine. The three-star prospect is undersized at 5-foot-11 and 165 pounds but he’s already a polished passer as his 2011 numbers would suggest: 59.4 completion percentage, 2,192 yards, 22 touchdowns and 4 interceptions. Romine is also legitimately mobile but with plenty of options in the Upland backfield he only compiled 303 yards and three touchdowns on the ground last season.

He will attend camps at Yale, Nevada and Air Force this summer in addition to taking unofficial visits to Navy, Army, Penn and the University of San Diego. While Romine is eagerly anticipating his first offer, he is in no hurry to commit mainly because he doesn’t have one dream school he couldn’t refuse. In the meantime all he can do is wait for the myriad possibilities to unfold.

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this process, it’s patience,” he said. “I feel like either way it’s going to be good, whether I play at a small school and get a really good education or play at a big football school like every kid’s dreamed of. I would just be flattered and humbled to get an offer from anywhere.”

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  • Hold The Phone

    As much as I wish Romine the best in getting a scholi, I cannot wish Upland the best. Ever.

    I’m not Catholic, but I light a candle in a Catholic church, say a prayer that Upland get’s smashed annually. Prayer works because when I prayed the hardest, that’s when Upland got hammered.

    See prayer works. LOL!

  • Rena Marmolejo

    To hold the phone!
    Well My son Joseph actually plays for the Upland Scots and I’m A christian. I was on the field at each and every game last season praying and cheering them and Nate Romine on to victory. I do believe GOD heard my prayers because we went on to win Baseline League champs with a very impressive 12-0 season and on to the CIF Semi finals. This is our year! Go Son #58, Go Nate and Go U High! Prayer does work!

  • Hold the Phone



  • Pablo

    I had the very good fortune to teach Nate Romine in Spanish III at Upland High School during his junior year, 2011-2012. He is a role model for his peers and younger kids. Nate is a scholar who possesses impeccable character. As great a quarterback as Nate Romine is, he is a greater human being. He exudes leadership and is the “All-American Kid”. Nate is wise beyond his years. His parents must be given an “A+” for child rearing, they hit the ball out of the park with Nate. Three of his many positive characteristics are that he is GENUINE, FRIENDLY and HUMBLE with everyone. The students that know Nate at Upland High feel like Nate is “their” best friend, no different from anyone else in class. He relates exceedingly well to everyone and has no “ego”. He works incredibly hard and deserves all he gets. Best Wishes and my congratulations to Nate Romine, one of the most outstanding student athletes I have ever come across in a teaching career of 33 years at Upland High School. The magic of High School Friday Night Football will arrive very soon, not soon enough for those of us who love the football of the rugged Baseline League. Here is wishing a great season to the Cougars, Eagles, Tartans, Grizzlies, Braves and Highlanders!!!! P.S. – Expect to hear the “train music” rumbling through Highlander Stadium again this season. Go Highlanders! Here comes the “R & R Connection”, Romine to Romero, touchdown Upland!

  • guess

    Upland was picked to not only win CIF but to go to State and win it also.The reason they lost was not because of coaching or lack of talent,They had no leadership from the players.They were all worried who would get more letters from D-1 Schools.They forgot why they were there.That was to play together as a TEAM.On Romine he maybe smart but not a leader no arm and to short.That said he is a good kid.But he will not see any playing time at a D-1.

  • Guess: The kids on the 12-1 Upland TEAM lost because unfortunately they ran up against a very worthy opponent who went on to win the whole thing. END OF STORY. Get your facts straight. Prior to the season there was only one player who had received more than one offer from any college. These kids just wanted to win. The accomplishments of the Highlanders were far greater than their 12 straight victories, national and local prominence that ignorant people like yourself use as a measuring stick to gauge whether or not a program or team is successful. At the end of their last game there was no finger pointing nor blame. That was left for cowards like yourslef. The won as a team and lost as a team. If you want to vent your jealousy feel free it’s your miserable life and right as an angry coward… There is no nobility in picking on kids. At the beginning of the season the only people who picked Upland to do anything were the believers in the program, and those who knew all of the kids personally. Obviously, people like yourself hate when an underdog overcomes the odds, diversity, and achieves success beyond most expectations.
    Leadership comes in many different forms, and the boys who lead that team were not the rah rah type of leaders, but they were the type of kids who inspired with their selflessness, unparallaled work ethic and never say die attitude. As far as Romine goes…who knows what will happen, but never is a word rarely spoken by that young man. Maybe he will maybe he will not play at a D1, but in the end who really cares. Wherever he plays at the next level when his 4 college years are up he will have achieved something greater than TDs…A degree from a top university, and on the way to greater challenges. Quick update: The kid who has no arm has LEAD HIS TEAM to Championships in the following Passing Tournaments: Los Osos, San Diego State and recently the Bonita Tournament..Oh by way, they were in the Dana Hills Tourney, but lost in the Semis on the last play of the game or would have played Mater Dei for the Championship. Guess, do yourself a favor, open a dictionary and look up the words pathetic and loser, better yet make it easier, just look in the mirror.

  • guess

    Upland Faithfull chill out bro.If you have a problem with anythin i said about this years team just ask the guyz from 09.Remember them they are the guys everyone said were to small to win.But they did they kicked the s##it out of every one they played they had hart.Thats where i got my information from the “CIF”champs.”
    ‘THE-U”.AS FAR AS 7 ON 7 tourney what a joke that is.That’s not football that’s a track meet.No hitting might as well let the cheerleaders play.