Ganesha coach wants ‘to keep our talent home’

Speaking to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune recently, Ganesha football coach Darrick Rice talked about what is takes to turn around a struggling football program. With a full offseason to mold the team after a 2-8 season last year, Rice is expecting his foundation to be firmly in place this year.

“We have to remember this is not the 70’s, 80’s, or even the 90’s,” Rice told the San Gabriel Valley Tribune. “The rules have changed and so has the area especially with other schools stealing our resources right out of our backyards. Our mission is to first establish something special to keep our talent home, win one game at a time in all areas and learn from our mistakes. We want to show that Ganesha High school can move into the 21st century and actually play four quarters of football and not be everyone’s homecoming game.”

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  • Cowboy Fan

    As long as Chino Hills and Diamond Ranch have good programs it will be hard to keep the best players. They also can go to Bonita and San Dimas as well. Don’t forget Damien.