Alta Loma wants out of Baseline: ‘We just haven’t been competitive’

After 10 years in the competitive Baseline League, Alta Loma is ready to get out. In the upcoming realignment, the school is hoping for relief in the form of a move to another league, though Alta Loma athletic director Brett Procter declined to name a preference.

“The last five years we just haven’t been competitive,” Procter said, “not just in terms of league championships, but competing for playoff spots.”

Two primary reasons for Alta Loma’s competitive decline are the size of the school — it is the second-smallest to Colony in the Chaffey Joint Union District — and the new rules easing the ability to transfer. Alta Loma’s football program, which endured a 21-game losing streak that ended in 2011, has certainly suffered due to the loss of transfers. As of this school year, transfers need only to sit out the first 30 days of the season instead of an entire school year.

“The 30-day sit-out is no penalty at all,” Procter said. “And people are transferring like never before. I just want to go to a competitive league with around the same enrollment we do with teams like we have.”

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  • Baseline family

    How about a swap??? Alta Loma for Colony? Alta Loma to Mt. Baldy and Colony to Baseline…

    • I think that’s exactly what is going to happen. Alta Loma doesn’t yet want to make public the league its targeting, but I’d be willing to bet it’s the Mt. Baldy League.

      As for Colony, I’ve talked with people from the school at various times who are on both sides of the fence. Some want to play in the Baseline League, where they think they can prove more about themselves than they could dominating the Mt. Baldy League. Some don’t want to go from being a top-tier program in a less competitive league for fear of becoming a lower-tier program in a good league.

  • Cowboy Fan

    Chino has won 2 out of three Mt Baldy football championships. I don’t see colony doing very well in the baseline. I think that a new league on Ayala, Chino, Colony, Alta Loma, Diamond Ranch or Diamond Bar would be very competetive in all sports. Leave Don Lugo, Chaffey, Ontario, Gary, Montclair in the Mt Baldy.

  • hero

    Heck no alta loma shoud stay in the baseline league cause alta loma will be up there again this is just showing when time gets diffcult we are just gonna leave and quit. im a former brave and that is what braves do.