2014 Releaguing: Chino Hills, Ayala move to form super Baseline League

Ayala athletic director Warren Reed made one last plea with five proposals remaining at Monday’s Mt. SAC area releaguing meeting, only one of which included his school in the Baseline League. Apparently it fell on deaf ears.

Ayala and Chino Hills joined Etiwanda, Los Osos, Rancho Cucamonga and Upland in perhaps the closest thing we’ve seen to a super-league in the Inland Valley in the last 10 years. There is no doubt in my mind Ayala ended up in the absolute worst situation of any school in the Inland Valley, joining a league where the other five schools have an enrollment of at least 3,000 to Ayala’s 2,500. Those other five school’s however, will be fascinating to watch as Chino Hills brings strong football, basketball, baseball, softball and soccer programs.

Alta Loma was the big winner, moving to a Mt. Baldy League that is now weaker sans Chino, a two-time football league champion in the last three years. Bonita knew it was leaving the Hacienda League, but was thrilled to land in the Sierra as opposed to the Baseline, where two of the last five remaining proposals placed the Bearcats.

Here is a look at all the new leagues in the Mt. SAC area beginning in the fall of 2014:

Chino Hills
Los Osos
Rancho Cucamonga

Diamond Bar
West Covina South Hills

Covina Charter Oak
Diamond Ranch
Hacienda Heights Los Altos
West Covina

Alta Loma
Don Lugo

Baldwin Park
La Puente Nogales
Covina Northview
San Dimas
Hacienda Heights Wilson

Sierra Vista

West Covina Edgewood
La Puente Bassett
La Puente

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  • Voice of Reason

    Charter Oak should be ashamed of themselves…MAN UP FERRARS!

    • OuttaYouMindTrib

      They’ll get to skate to the semi’s every year, quarters in bad years.

    • Mike Edwards

      Posted it before and will post it again if necessary. CO cannot compete, with the exception of football, in the Sierra League. South Hills probably shouldn’t be there either. Just because football is what makes the world go round, people forget all the other sports. School size, CO and SH have no business being at that level. Before moving to the Sierra, CO had a very successful baseball program. The number are just not there to back up your rationale. My question is why West Covina got a pass for so many years? They won football games and championships and big. All the while, the attendance numbers at WC were more than 30% higher than CO. http://cifmtsacarea.weebly.com/uploads/1/7/9/4/17945633/sierra_league_data_sheet_march_22.pdf

  • ChinoHillsFan

    I’m not sure I understand how Ayala got the worst of it. They have a tremendous athletic program, #1 in the Sierra League the past 3 years, don’t get sucked into their AD’s poor me plea.

    I think we, Chino Hills have a better argument against going to the baseline, but at the end of the day, I believe both CH schools belong with the big dogs in the IE. If it were enrollment based, Chaffey & Montclair would be in the Baseline.
    This will be exciting to watch top athletes in the area compete in league play.

    • Dadofmany

      You dont know what you are talking about ChinoHillsFan. Ayala was not the #1 school in the Sierra the past 3 years. They have not been to the playoffs in football since 07 or 08. With only 2300 or so kids they are the smallest school in the new Baseline. Mark my words in two years they will need and deserve releaf. Don’t get me wrong they have some strong programs but they are just not the Ayala of the 90’s. Once the city got split up things have been very different over there from what I have seen.

      • Mike Edwards

        You are missing the point completely. You are correct. Ayala will probably be the whipping boy of the league when it comes to football. But releaguing is not just about football. Ayala was in fact the #1 school over the last 3 years combined in the Sierra league. Here is the proof… http://cifmtsacarea.weebly.com/uploads/1/7/9/4/17945633/sierra_league_data_sheet_march_22.pdf

        • Dadofmany

          Mike Edwards from what I see from what you posted Ayala was NOT ranked first. Look at what you post before you post it. I think it is very nieve of you to say Football does not run releaguing. Football is the sport schools need to raise money from to pay for the refs for all the rest of the sports. That gate money is a very big deal from what I have been told over ther years. So to say a schools tennis team is as important to a school as football is then you are just not living in reality my friend. I know tennis is a great sport and those are great kids but when did a school make a few thousand dollars on a tennis match? Answer: NEVER! I just don’t think it is the right thing to do to a school like Ayala. They only have 2300 kids. That baseline league should have only been a five team league.

          • Cowboy Fan

            Agree Dad of Many, CO coach is used to winning titles and pushed to get out of the Sierra. Chino needed to be out of the Mt Baldy but so does Colony. Colony won every football league title until Chino moved in. Chino was getting hammered in the Sierra with Glendora, CH, Damien et all. Glendora does not belong in the Sierra either but their football coach wanted out of the baseline

        • Cowboy Fan

          Mike it is an average over three years that is considered not one season

  • TDY

    Call the New Unnamed League: The duck and cover league!!

  • Jastrab

    All I can say is Los Osos football better step it up…With CH in the mix Osos may be the odd man out.

    • Left Tackle

      I think that Etiwanda will have a lot to deal with in football, but they do have the basketball powerhouse. Osos is kinda always in the mix.

  • xc16

    all I can say is that the 5 baseline teams that Ayala has landed with better watch out when it comes to cross country. they have taken 4 league titles in the past 5 years and that’s no joke with Claremont in the mix. also, Ayala is looking pretty strong in their upcoming freshman for the next couple years

  • OuttaYourMindTrib

    In Football, Ayala definitely got the worst of it. Little to no chance EVER for even a playoff spot.

  • Cowboy Fan

    Wow obviously someone doesn’t like Ayala. The data posted shows Damien and St Lucys average #1. Chino Hills has football, Ayala Boys and Girls basketball. Chino Hills won a CIF title in Softball last year. Really Charter Oak has a vey good football program and should be paired with West Co and Gendora. I don’t know about South Hills but should be paired with Bonita, San Dimas, Claremont ect. Chino will spend a lot of money getting to away games now. Chino Hills and Ayala also. There is always politics involved. ONT/MONT school district rules the area. Mt Baldy all theirs. I agree two years and Ayala will be asking for relief. Chino Hills is the big draw in the Chino Valley for football players. Many of CH players should have gone to Chino including IFO EXPRE OLMO

  • pomona.boy

    Dayumm pomona moved down that suck s to much talent wasted