Ayala’s releaguing appeal is denied

The CIF-Southern Section announced the results of 14 releaguing appeals on Friday, and the only one from a San Bernardino County or Inland Valley school was Ayala, which had its appeal denied.

Ayala is scheduled to move into the Baseline League along with Chino Hills, in the fall of 2014, replacing Alta Loma and Glendora.

Of the 14 appeals, only two were accepted: those of Simi Valley and Simi Valley Royal. Ayala’s was one of the 12 denied. Ayala was denied by a vote of 13-1.

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  • jphoornstra

    WTF, CIF. WTF.

  • rene

    ayala has no business in baseline

  • Poor Ayala?

    Why do u feel so sorry for Ayala again?

    They are the 3x defending all sport champion of the Sierra league.

    Btw. Chino Hills placed 3 or forth in the same comparison …

    • OuttaYourMindTrib

      The only people that care about sports other than football are the parents of the athletes in those sports. When those other sports can get thousands of PAYING fans to their events, maybe they’ll get some attention. Until then, Football is the only sport that really matters. And in Football, Ayala has absolutely no business being in the Baseline. They may as well put them in the PAC-5. The results are going to be the same.

    • Truth

      You are wrong, the all sports trophy does not happen anymore and if it did Damien/st. Lucy’s would have won it the past 5 years in a row. Looking at the popular sports the last 3 years (football, girls volleyball, both boys & girls basketball, softball and baseball) chino hills high was by far the number 1 team in the sierra league. Ayala was 3rd or 4th during the same time. Please get the facts before posting.

  • football fan

    There should be football set leagues, based off football. Sad to say, no one cares if your cross-country and tennis teams win. What they asked is how your football team do.