Diamond Ranch’s Delp makes good decision

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You hear the same old things from prep athletes when it comes to signing a letter-of-intent with the college of their choice . . .

“I liked the coaches”

“They have food program”

“I liked the school”

“I like the academics”

Yes those are all good reasons for picking the place you want to spend four years. But offensive line standout Kammy Delp of Diamond Ranch came up with one I hadn’t yet heard of.

He picked Oregon State, after committing, then de-committing  from Arizona State. The big reason . . .

“They have a big Polynesian community there,” said Delp, who is Samoan.

Let’s not forget, these young people are moving away from home, in many cases out of state. The fact that they are comfortable in the community is very important.

Panthers coach Roddy Layton said Delp even got to go to the LDS church in the area, which made him feel even more at home.

It sounds like he definitely considered all factors. The recruits who don’t are usually the ones that end up coming back for some reason.



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