Etiwanda dominates Baseline League Girls Basketball selections

MVP – McKynzie Fort, Sr., Etiwanda

First team
Alexis Alexander, Rancho Cucamonga
Alyssa Anderson, Etiwanda
Cherice Harris, Etiwanda
Alex Lindsey, Rancho Cucamonga
Amy Okonkwo, Etiwanda
Camille Parker, Alta Loma
Daeja Smith, Etiwanda
Irie Stokes, Upland

Second team
Paven Argyle, Glendora
Niah Curry, Los Osos
Olivia Habern, Glendora
Kyla Martin, Etiwanda
Kiana Mathews, Rancho Cucamonga
Sharon Ramirez, Los Osos
Amari Terry, Alta Loma
Olivia Watkins, Upland

Honorable mention – Sky Artega, Glendora; Megan Butterweck, Los Osos; Chariya Chilson, Upland; Alisa Davis, Los Osos; Megan Jeske, Alta Loma; Dominique McLaughlin, Etiwanda; Mazelle Millina, Etiwanda; Sheldyn Odom, Alta Loma; Kelly Sera, Glendora; Lakenya Ysaguirre, Upland.

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  • PrepSportsFan

    Since the grades were left off, here they are:

    First team
    Alexis Alexander, Sr., Rancho Cucamonga
    Alyssa Anderson, Sr., Etiwanda
    Cherice Harris, Sr., Etiwanda
    Alex Lindsey, Sr., Rancho Cucamonga
    Amy Okonkwo, Sr., Etiwanda
    Camille Parker, Fr., Alta Loma
    Daeja Smith, Sr., Etiwanda
    Irie Stokes, Jr.,Upland

    Second team
    Paven Argyle, Sr., Glendora
    Niah Curry, Sr., Los Osos
    Olivia Habern, Sr., Glendora
    Kyla Martin, Sr., Etiwanda
    Kiana Mathews, Sr., Rancho Cucamonga
    Sharon Ramirez, Sr., Los Osos
    Amari Terry, Jr., Alta Loma
    Olivia Watkins, Jr., Upland

    Honorable mention – Sky Artega, Sr., Glendora; Megan Butterweck, Jr., Los Osos; Chariya Chilson, Sr., Upland; Alisa Davis, Jr., Los Osos; Megan Jeske, Sr., Alta Loma; Dominique McLaughlin, Jr., Etiwanda; Mazelle Millina, Fr., Etiwanda; Sheldyn Odom, Sr., Alta Loma; Kelly Sera, Sr., Glendora; Lakenya Ysaguirre, Sr., Upland.

    Congrats to all of these girls.

  • BBall fan

    Didn’t know you can average 4 points a game and make 1st team. How is that possible!

  • PrepSportsFan

    Because more goes into basketball that just scoring. Example: Team A has a girl averaging 20 pts. a game. Team B has a outstanding defender who limits Team A’s player to 9 points. Even though Team B’s player may only score 4 points, she’s responsible for a 15 point difference on the scoreboard.

    Doing things like that are things that coaches notice and can get you first team honors.

  • alamo

    For sure one of the First Team selection picks has had an incredible high school career. May have one of the most well rounded games of all the picks rebounds, block shot, steals. Can turn on the offense if needed but game is built to exist in a team concept. Can be a lesson to all , college programs must have one or two players like this. There are plenty of shooters and scores. Well the poster was wrong, all the first team selections averaged more 9 points per game. All the seniors are college signed but one. Well deserve and amazing class of student/athletes.