Upland football upgrades schedule for next year

The football schedule for Upland High School will be far more attractive next year than it was this year.

All of the opponents were from out of the area. Yes two were top-notch teams in Tesoro and Mater Dei but the others were not good – Knight (2-5), Venice (3-4) and Los Angeles George Washington Prep (2-5). So there was no in-between. It was a really good foe, or an awful one.

George Washington was a last-second replacement for Downy which bailed at the last second and opted to play Chino Hills.

Athletic Director John McNally says his team and coaches weren’t happy with that either. Not only were games not competitive,  out of the area opponents didn’t generate any excitement or buzz.

Well next year it will get significantly better. The Highlanders are keeping Mater Dei and making the trip to Santa Ana. But there will also be games with traditional title contenders in Norco and Redlands East Valley as well as Claremont, which has had a resurgence this year under new coach “Coco” Jarin.

McNally says he is still looking for a Week 4 foe and would prefer a school from in the area.


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