Baseline League honors: Softball

St. Lucy's' Dakota Casper RBI single with bases loaded in the fifth inning of a quarterfinal prep softball game against Villa Park at St Lucy's Priory High School in Glendora, Calif., on Thursday, May 25, 2017. St. Lucy's won 4-0. (Photo by Keith Birmingham, Pasadena Star-News/SCNG)

MVP: Dakota Casper, Senior, Pitcher, St. Lucy’s

First team
Peyton Angulo, Sr., Upland
Alyssa Avalos, Sr., St. Lucy’s
Samantha Diaz, Sr., Rancho Cucamonga
Samantha Garcia, Jr., St. Lucy’s
Alexis Gonzalez, Sr., Rancho Cucamonga
Lauren Gutierrez, Sr., Upland
Andrera Hernandez, Jr., Upland
Julia Jimenez, Soph., Etiwanda
Brooke Johnson, Sr., Chino Hills
Tyler King, Sr., Upland
Aubrey Olson, Jr., Los Osos
Mikayla Rubin, Sr., Chino Hills
Audrey Sellers, Soph., St. Lucy’s
Savannah Serrata, Fr., Etiwanda
Taylon Snow, Sr., Chino Hills

Second team
Allie Beck, Fr., Upland
Madiyson Estorga, Fr., Etiwanda
Katie Greep, Jr., St. Lucy’s
Raeleen Gutierrez, Soph., St. Lucy’s
Brooke Hatfield, Fr., Upland
Alexis Lopez, Jr., Los Osos
Camryn Lyman, Jr., Chino Hills
Alyssa Martinez, Jr., Chino Hills
Alexandria Martinez, Jr., Upland
Emily Moses, Fr., Etiwanda
Lauren Nunez, Jr., St. Lucy’s
Reese Vargas, Jr., Chino Hills
Justin Vasquez, Jr., Rancho Cucamonga
Madison Veldman, Sr., Upland
Madison Waymire, Fr., Rancho Cucamonga

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Baseline League honors: Softball

Etiwanda’s Vanessa Taukeiaho celebrates her three-run homer to win the game against Chino Hills in the bottom of the seventh inning at Etiwanda High. 
Jennifer Cappuccio Maher - Staff Photographer

Vanessa Taukeiaho, Sr., OF, Etiwanda
Megan Stevens, Sr., 1B, Etiwanda

First team
Eileen Barrera, Sr., Rancho Cucamonga
Dakota Casper, Jr., St. Lucy’s
Hailey Freeman, Sr., Etiwanda
Samantha Garcia, Soph., St. Lucy’s
Katie Greep, Soph., St. Lucy’s
Lauren Gutierrez, Jr., Upland
Candace Haliburton, Sr., Etiwanda
Julia Jimenez, Fr., Etiwanda
Tyler King, Jr., Upland
Alyssa Martinez, Soph., Chino Hills
Jessica McNicholl, Sr., Los Osos
Marisa Mendoza, Sr., Chino Hills
Taylon Snow, Jr., Chino Hills
Briana Wheeler, Sr., Etiwanda
Karah Wiseman, Sr., Rancho Cucamonga

Second team
Deanna Alarcon, Sr., St. Lucy’s
Samantha Diaz, Jr., Rancho Cucamonga
Alussia Duarte, Jr., Upland
Raeleen Gutierrez, Fr., St. Lucy’s
Tianna Harris, Sr., Rancho Cucamonga
Brooke Johnson, Fr., Chino Hills
Tyani Lowe, Soph., Upland
Felicia Noriega, Sr., Etiwanda
Aubriee Olson, Soph., Los Osos
Mikayla Rubin, Jr., Chino Hills
Kayleen Schneider, Soph., Chino Hills
Audrey Sellers, Fr., St. Lucy’s
Alyssa Thayer, Jr., Etiwanda
Marissa Valdivinos, Sr., St. Lucy’s
Reese Vargas, Soph., Chino Hills
Annika Villegas, Sr., Etiwanda

Etiwanda’s Megan Stevens (#12) fields a throw against Los Osos during the third inning of Baseline League softball game at Los Osos High School in Rancho Cucamonga, Ca, (Photo by John Valenzuela/Inland Valley Daily Bulletin)

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Record-breaking Tannon Snow leads Baseline League softball team

Here is the list of players honored by the Baseline League in softball. it is led by Chino Hills senior shortstop Tannon Snow who set CIF records for home runs in both a season and a career.




MVP: Tannon Snow, Sr., Chino Hills

First team
Dakota Casper, Soph., St. Lucy’s
Reanna Cervantes, Sr., Upland
Savanna Corr, Sr., Chino Hills
Brittney Garcia, Sr., Chino Hills
Lauren Gutierrez, Soph., Upland
Paige Halstead, Sr., Los Osos
Kaitlyn Jennings, Sr., Los Osos
Kylie Michael, Sr., Chino Hills
Ciera Schick, Sr., Los Osos
Taylon Snow, Soph., Chino Hills
Megan Stevens, Jr., Etiwanda
Vanessa Taukeiaho, Jr., Etiwanda
Briana Wheeler, Jr., Etiwanda
Karah Wiseman, Jr., Rancho Cucamonga

Second team
Kylie Dazalla, Sr., Los Osos
Sami Diaz, Soph., Rancho Cucamonga
Hailey Freeman, Jr., Etiwanda
Katie Greep, Fr., St. Lucy’s
Candace Haliburton, Jr., Etiwanda
Tyler King, Soph., Upland
Kirstin Lopez, Sr., Rancho Cucamonga
Amanda Labeske, Sr., Chino Hills
Larissa Martinez, Soph, Upland
Taylor Ramos, Sr., Etiwanda
Mikayla Rubin, Soph., Chino Hills
Allysia Thayer, Soph., Etiwanda
Valarie Toth, Sr., Rancho Cucamonga
Samantha Vacko, Jr., Los Osos
Brianna Viles, Sr., Chino Hills
Koryna Wright, Soph., Rancho Cucamonga

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