Baseline League honors: Girls volleyball



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MVP: Kenzie Koerber, Sr., Chino Hills

First team
Karson Bacon, Jr., Rancho Cucamonga
Mary Bagshaw, Sr., Rancho Cucamonga
Bria Beale, Sr., Rancho Cucamonga
Alexis Cardoza, Sr., Chino Hills
Sydney Culpepper. Sr., Rancho Cucamonga
Brennan Miller, Sr., St. Lucy’s
Nicole Nevarez, Jr., Los Osos
Makena Overbey, Jr., Los Osos
Hannah Silvestro, Soph., St. Lucy’s

Second team
Jenna Baily, Sr., St. Lucy’s
Reva Blitz, Jr., Chino Hills
Telanni Childs, Sr., Upland
Megan Dymerski, Sr., St. Lucy’s
Brooklynn Hill, Jr., Rancho Cucamonga
Raven Hunsaker, Sr., Etiwanda
Brooke Magill, Jr., Chino Hills
Kendall Mency, Jr., Chino Hills
Abby Salmon, Sr., Rancho Cucamonga
Alysha Tullar, Sr., Los Osos
Taylor Ybanez, Jr., Los Osos

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Baseline League honors: Girls Volleyball

MVP – Kylie Miller, Sr., Rancho Cucamonga

First team
Karson Bacon, Soph., Rancho Cucamonga
Bria Beale, Jr., Rancho Cucamonga
Alexis Cardoza, Jr., Chino Hills
Loryn Carter, Sr., St. Lucy’s
Sydney Culpepper, Jr., Rancho Cucamonga
Alex Everett, Sr., St. Lucy’s
Diana Flores, Soph., Etiwanda
Kenzie Koerber, Jr., Chino Hills
Nicole Nevarez, Soph., Los Osos
Danielle Thomas, Sr., Upland

Second team
Mary Bagshaw, Jr., Rancho Cucamonga
Jenna Bailey, Jr., St. Lucy’s
Courtney Buzzerio, Soph., Chino Hills
Francesca D’Aquila, Sr., St. Lucy’s
Amber Gunsur, Sr., Upland
Raven Hunsaker, Jr., Etiwanda
Brooklynn Hill, Soph., Rancho Cucamonga
Makaena Overby, Soph., Los Osos
Caliah Sadiq, Sr., Upland
Janessa Thropay, Sr., Chino Hills
Madison Wolf, Sr., Los Osos

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Rancho Cucamonga’s Kylie Miller reaches 1,000 career kills


On her 17th birthday, UCLA commit and Rancho Cucamonga volleyball player Kylie Miller reached the 1,000 career kills milestone in the game against Citrus Valley.

“I thought it would be a great memory (to reach the milestone on her birthday),” she said. “It wasn’t my focus today but it was great to know that it happened. I think my teammates were more aware of what was happening than I was.”

Miller was informed by the coaching staff this week that the milestone was insight.

She entered the game with 991 career kills and surpassed the milestone with a 20-kill performance against the Blackhawks, defeating the team in three.

“We didn’t play our best game but we pulled through and got the win,” Miller said.

The Cougars have expectations going forward this season with the overall goal of winning CIF.

 “I am very excited about my team this year. We all have great chemistry on and off the court,” Miller explained. “We have high expectations for ourselves as we head into league play. Our goal this season is to win CIF and we are all very motivated to reach our goal.”

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Baseline League honors: Volleyball


Most Valuable Player: Kylie Miller, Jr., Rancho Cucamonga

First team
Meghan Buzzerio, Sr., Chino Hills
Alex Campos, Sr., Upland
Loryn Carter, Jr., St. Lucy’s
Sarah Dixon, Sr., Chino Hills
Samantha Frost, Sr., Rancho Cucamonga
Cherise Hennigan, Sr., Chino Hills
Juliet McClure, Sr., St. Lucy’s
Darby Minton, Sr., Chino Hills
Jena Willis, Sr., Los Osos

Second team
Bria Beale, Soph., Rancho Cucamonga
Alexis Cardoza, Soph., Chino Hills
Francessa D’Aquilla, Jr., St. Lucy’s
Delaney Goodrich, Sr., Los Osos
Shaela Gray, Sr., Upland
Amber Gunsur, Jr., Upland
Alyssa Herrera, Sr., Etiwanda
Phallyn Hill, Sr., Los Osos
Janessa Thropay, Jr., Chino Hills
Kyriaki Tsigkounis, Sr., Rancho Cucamonga

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