Palomares League honors: Football

Ayala’s Mason Hura (7) stiff-arms South Hills’ Joseph Ruelas (12) during a prep football game at Covina District Field in Covina, Calif. on Friday, Nov. 4, 2016.   (Correspondent photo by Trevor Stamp)

Athletes of Year: Mason Hura, Ayala; Nick Larivierre, South Hills
Defensive MVPs: Josh Zavosky, Ayala; Solomon Tuliaupupu, Claremont
Offensive MVP: Bryce Woolridge, Glendora

First team offense
OL Victor Arteaga, Jr., Glendora
OL Addison Shackelford, Jr., Ayala
OL Henry Galdino, Jr., South Hills
OL Justin Winans, Sr., Ayala
OL Michael Chase, Jr., Glendora
OL Jeffrey Lu, Sr., Diamond Bar
RB Duy Trean-Sampson, Sr., Claremont
RB James Nolan, Sr., Glendora
RB Ryan Torres, Jr., South Hills
RB Davion Bluitt, Sr., Diamond Bar
TE Jake Krast, Sr., Glendora
WR Tahron Tolbert, Sr., South Hills
WR Shane Wells, Jr., Diamond Bar
WR Dylan Hill, Soph., Glendora
WR Jacob Mendez-Romo, Sr., Ayala
QB Christian Martinez, Sr., South Hills
PK Gabriel Dunkel, Sr., Glendora

First team defense
DL Tanner Jarosz, Sr., South Hills
DL Cole Johnson, Sr., Glendora
DL Blake Mullock, Sr., Glendora
DL Elijah Samaniego-Mott, Sr., Diamond Bar
DL Abel Montoya, Sr., Bonita
LB: Max Hura, Jr., Ayala
LB: Jake Karst, Sr., Glendora
LB: Jack Sheehan, Sr., South Hills
LB: Logan Arcadipane, Jr., Glendora
LB Josh Elliott, Sr., Ayala
LB: Andrew Flores, Jr., Bonita
DB: Emmanuel Flowers, Sr., Ayala
DB: Joseph Ruelas, Jr., South Hills
DB: Paul Vachon, Sr., Glendora
DB: Dylan Flores, Sr., Bonita
DB Jovan Thompson, Jr., Diamond Bar
P Brian Papazian, Sr., Ayala

Second team offense
OL: Ryan Bush, Jr., Claremont
OL: Bruce Loyola, Soph., South Hills
OL: Bryce Malally, Sr., Bonita
OL: Justin Salazar, Jr., Ayala
OL: Tyler Mach, Sr., Claremont
OL: Elijah Samaniego-Mott, Sr., Diamond Bar
RB: Max Hura, Jr., Ayala
RB: Evan Pasowicz, Sr., Bonita
WR: Dylan Flores, Sr., Bonita
WR: Caleb Franzen, Sr., Bonita
WR: LaQuamie Bond, Sr., Claremont
WR: Alex Rodriguez, Soph., South Hills
QB: Grant Mestas, Sr., Diamond Bar
PK Torre Zolferino, Sr., Ayala

Second team defense
DL: Andrew Semantal, Sr., Claremont
DL: Bailey Wren, Jr., Glendora
DL: Zachary Farfan, Sr., South Hills
LB: Jacob Gonzalez, Soph., Diamond Bar
LB: Jacob Gentry, Sr., Claremont
LB: Makaio Provoost, Jr., Ayala
LB Chase Lopez, Sr., Bonita
LB: Tommy Viat, Jr., Claremont
LB: Matthew Sanchez, Jr., Bonita
DB: LaQuamie Bond, Sr., Claremont
DB: Will Frekng, Soph., Glendora
DB: Zach Brozick, Sr., Ayala
DB: Jordan Cardoza, Sr., Claremont
DB: Justin Amendariz, Soph., South Hills
P: Garrett Deane, Sr., Bonita

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Rebuilding Bonita football hopes to factor in to Palomares race

Bonita cheerleaders hope No. 3-ranked football team can remain undefeated in Friday's Palomares League opener against Claremont. ¬ (Photo by Keith Birmingham/ Pasadena Star-News) ¬ ¬

The Bonita High School football team goes into the new season not that much different than several of its Palomares League counterparts.

Not only did the Bearcats lose a majority of their starters, they had a coaching change as well with Ibis Aguilar taking over for Adrian Medrano, who moved over to El Rancho.

So yes this is shaping up to be a rebuilding year. But that doesn’t mean Bonita can’t be competitive.

“A lot of teams are in the same boat,” said Aguilar, who served as wide receivers coach and assistant head coach under Medrano before being elevated to the head job. We’ll see how fast the younger players come along. We’re hoping to be right there in the mix.”

The Bearcats, 8-3 with a first round playoff loss to Don Lugo in 2015, will be relying on several newcomers in the skill positions, most notably at quarterback where three are vying for the starting job. That trio consists of senior Andrew Harrison, a transfer from Upland, junior Jason Schiller and sophomore Joe LaFountain, up from the junior varsity, and sophomore John Andrade, up from a freshman team that went 10-0.

If one has taken the lead in the battle for that spot, Aguilar isn’t saying.

Among the veterans who will be called up on on returning lineman Miles Blount and Abel Montoya – both seniors.

But perhaps the team’s best player is senior tight end-defensive end Logan Zylstra, a first-team All-Inland Valley selection last year who has landed an offer from Air Force.

Others to look for are returning standouts in wide receiver Dylan Flores, who will also be in the secondary, and senior kicker Garrette Dean as well as newcomers senior wide receiver corner Adrian Bejarano and seniopr tailback Andrew Pasowicz.

About the only veterans on the defensive side of the ball are Zylstra, lineman Andrew Quintero and linebacker Chase Lopez.

Aguilera is also high on inside linebacker Ethan Lancaster, sophomore defensive back Kevin Bullock and sophomore lineman Donnell Osguera.

“I think we’re going to be competitive,” Aguilera said. “It’s hard to say what we’re capable of win-wise just because we have so many younger players. But there is a lot of potential and they’re working hard.”

First up for Bonita, the annual Smudge Pot game on Aug. 26 vs. local rival San Dimas, a game over which the Bearcats have had bragging rights the last few years.

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Palomares League honors: Football

Athlete of Year – Matt Fink, Sr., QB, Glendora
MVP (Offense) – Jordan Charles, Sr., RB, Ayala

MVP (Defense) – Amir Ainsworth, Sr., Bonita





First team offense
WR Quinn Cotter, Sr., South Hills
WR Logan Zylstra, Jr., Bonita
WR Tyler Schoenick, Sr., Glendora
WR Kyle Yada, Sr., Diamond Bar
WR LaQuamie Bond, Jr., Claremont
OL David Lebel, Sr., Glendora
OL Andre Rodriguez, Sr., Ayala
OL Carlos Calderon, Sr., South Hills
OL Ricardo Sandoval, Jr., Claremont
OL Victor Arteaga, Soph., Glendora
OL Baylee Smith, Sr., Bonita
OL Max Shapiro, Sr., Claremont
QB Tanner East, Sr., Bonita
QB Raine Pohaku Kaheaku-Paiva, Sr., Claremont
RB Duy Tran-Sampson, Jr., Claremont
RB Markelle Davis, Sr., Claremont
RB Dimaggio Rico, Sr., Diamond Bar
RB Andrew Montano, Sr., Glendora
K Caleb Watkins, Sr., Glendora

First team defense
LB Soloman Tu;liaupupu, Soph., Claremont
LB Corey Taylor, Sr., Glendora
LB Luis Astorga, Sr., South Hills
LB Nathan Smedley, Sr., Bonita
LB Damien Cannon, Sr., Claremont
LB Anthony Mendoza, Sr., Glendora
DL Logan Zylstra, Jr., Bonita
DL David Label, Sr., Glendora
DL Kyle Kelly, Sr., South Hills
DL Isaiah Flowers, Sr., Ayala
DL Cole Mraz, Sr., Glendora
DB Mato Pacheco, Sr., Claremont
DB Mike Lowe, Sr., Glendora
DB Emmanuel Flowers, Jr., Ayala
DB Winston Donnell, Sr., Ayala
DB Tyler Schoenick, Sr., Glendora
P Caleb Watkins, Sr., Glendora

Second team offense
WR Garrison DeShay, Sr., South Hills
WR Matthew Banfield, Sr., Claremont
WR Darren Ireland, Sr., Bonita
WR Josh Peifer, Sr., Bonita
OL Tito Bucheli, Sr., Ayala
OL David Omana, Sr., Diamond Bar
OL Jeffrey Lu, Jr., Diamond Bar
OL Joe Bazza, Sr., Ayala
OL Ryan Roh, Soph., Diamond Bar
OL Justin Salazar, Soph., Ayala
RB Andrew Segura, Sr., South Hills
RB Griffen Herrera, Sr., Glendora
RB Max Hura, Soph., Ayala
RB Blake Goodman, Sr., Diamond Bar
K Garrett Dean, Jr., Bonita

Second team defense
LB Cody Darrow, Sr., Ayala
LB Jack Sheehan, Sr., South Hills
LB Connor Donohue, Sr., Diamond Bar
LB Tim Hendricks, Jr., Glendora
LB Isaiah Garcia, Sr., Bonita
LB Ryan Torres, Soph., South Hills
DL Markelle Davis, Sr., Claremont
DL Carlos Salinas, Sr., South Hills
DL David Armana, Sr., Diamond Bar
DL Connor Tolliver, Sr., Claremont
DL Tracey Riordan, Sr., Glendora
DB Tahron Tolbert, Jr., South Hills
DB Matthew Scott, Sr., Ayala
DB Zach Brozick, Jr., Ayala
DB Jamie House, Jr., Diamond Bar
P Raine Pohaku Kaheaku-Paiva, Claremont

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Palomares League should be competitive to the end

Glendora uses big plays to beat South Hills football 28-7

Glendora opened Palomares League play with a win over South Hills on Thursday.

Last year the Palomares League was one of the more balanced and competitive leagues in all of Southern California. Three teams finished tied for second and it took a tiebreaker to decide who went to the playoffs and who stayed home.

Based on the showing of teams in the first half of the regular season, that could very likely be the case again.  The teams went into league play with a combined record of 31-11.

Three teams are ranked in the top seven in the CIF’s Central Division – Glendora at No. 3, Bonita at No. 5 and Claremont at No. 7.

Two of those teams – Bonita and Claremont – are undefeated and will square off in their league opener tonight. Glendora, led by USC commit Matt Fink, bested South Hills last night.

Those teams all seem to be the most significant players this year. But don’t l;eave out Diamond Bar. The Brahmas, who finished in last place in 2014, are much improved under second-year coach Marcus Hughes. That first year is always a tough transition one and the Brahmas ended up 3-7. But they’re already 4-1.

Defending champion South Hills has struggled, as has Ayala. South Hills graduated some key players so they’re a bit in rebuilding mode

The Bulldogs are a bit of mystery. All seem to agree they have enough talent to compete but it hasn’t looked that way, at least to this point.  We”ll see right away as Ayala faces Diamond Bar tonight.

.Let the battles begin.

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Palomares League honors: football

Athlete of Year – Matt Fink, Jr., QB, Glendora
Offensive MVP – Danny Gelalich, Sr., WR, Bonita
Defensive MVP – Zach Lewallen, Sr., LB, Glendora

First team offense
RB Jordan Charles, Jr., Ayala
RB Jesse Garcia, Sr., South Hills
RB Noah Holmes, Sr., Glendora
RB Antonio Hull, Sr., Diamond Bar
RB Duy Tran-Sampson, Soph., Claremont
RB Angel Verdugo, Sr., Bonita
WR James Beckner, Sr., Glendora
WR Kieran Campbell, Sr., Glendora
WR James Carter, Sr., Ayala
WR Quinn Cotter, Jr., South Hills
WR Austin Cox, Sr, Diamond Bar
WR Jordan Goodrich, Sr., Claremont
WR Jaime Valle, Sr., Ayala
OL Jake Carmona, Sr., South Hills
OL Tanner Glick, Sr., Claremont
OL Ben Northrup, Sr., Glendora
OL David Label, Jr., Glendora
OL Josh Radecki, Sr., South Hills
OL Caleb Taylor, Sr, Claremont
K Caleb Watkins, Jr., Glendora

First team defense
LB Cody Darrow, Jr., Ayala
LB Justin Frazier, Sr., Glendora
LB Cruz Garibay, Sr., Bonita
LB Nick Markarian, Sr., Ayala
LB Jack Sheehan, Soph., South Hills
LB James Stephens, Sr., Claremont
DL Kyle Kelly, Jr., South Hills
DL Austin Russell, Sr., Bonita
DL Carlos Salinas, Jr., South Hills
DL Raymundo Trejo, Sr., Glendora
DL Peyrun Twogood, Sr., Claremont
DB Julian Banuelos, Sr., South Hills
DB Danny Gelalich, Sr., Bonita
DB Colin Grady, Sr., Glendora
DB Tyler Schoenick, Jr., Glendora
DB Matthew Scott, Jr., Ayala
P – Caleb Watkins, Jr., Glendora

Second team offense
QB Tanner East, Jr., Bonita
QB Ryan O’Connor, Sr., Claremont
QB Garrett Fonseca, Sr., South Hills
RB Tyler Peterson, Sr., Diamond Bar
RB Brian Phelan, Sr., Ayala
OL David Amana, Jr., Diamond Bar
OL David Garcia, Sr., South Hills
OL Cruz Garibay, Sr., Bonita
OL Abel Martinez, Sr. Claremont
OL Sean Smeerdyke, Sr., Ayala
OL Baylee Smith, Jr., Bonita
WR Richie Cochran, Sr., Bonita
WR Ryan Mauch, Jr., South Hills
WR Ryan Sheehan, Sr., South Hills
K Garrett Dean, Soph., Bonita
K Jacob Olesniewicz, Jr., Claremont

Second team defense
LB Oswaldo De La Torre, Sr., Diamond Bar
LB Ryan DeGuzman, Sr., Glendora
LB Ed Ostashay, Sr., Bonita
LB Brandon Papazian, Sr., Ayala
LB Kyle Peterson, Sr., Diamond Bar
LB Corey Taylor, Sr., Glendora
LB Solomona Tuliaypupu, Fr., Claremont
DL Daniel Burgess, Sr., Bonita
DL Isaiah Flowers, Jr., Ayala
DL Jason Kim, Sr., Diamond Bar
DL Austin Moreno, Sr., South Hills
DL Lafayette Tate, Sr., Ayala
DB Zak Barron, Sr., South Hills
DB Favion Martinez, Sr., Claremont
DB Mateo Pacheco, Jr., Claremont
DB Tyler Peterson, Sr., Diamond Bar
P Brian Papazian, Jr., Ayala

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