Brandon Rohrer won’t return as football coach at Etiwanda

Brandon Rohrer is out as head football coach at Etiwanda after just two years.

Etiwanda Athletic Director Dave Masucci confirmed Rohrer’s resignation which came on Thursday. The outgoing coach met with his team Friday morning.

The Eagles went 6-5 overall in 2013, finishing third in the Baseline League and losing a first round playoff game.

The past season the team went 4-5-1 and finished fourth in league despite having what most thought was more talent than any other team in the league other than Upland.

More to come.



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Upland’s David Martinez commits to New Mexico

photo of David Martinez

Senior offensive lineman David Martinez has committed to the University of New Mexico.

He made an unofficial visit to the school in October but also has a formal trip planned for January. He also made unofficial visits to Fresno State and Sacramento State.

“I like the atmosphere and the fans,” he said. “They have a nice complex too and I liked Albuquerque.”

Martinez, a 6-foot-5, 310 pounder, was a first-team All-Baseline League selection. He started out his high school career as a defensive lineman but moved to offensive tackle his freshman year.

Martinez plans to major in engineering.


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Baseline League honors: Football

Offensive MVP - Grady O’Donnell, Jr., Chino Hills
First team offense
QB Zac Sturdivent, Sr., Chino Hills
QB Tyler Hilinski, Sr., Upland
RB Kamari Pleasant, Jr., Etiwanda
RB Donovan Williams, Jr., Los Osos
RB Aaron Manning, Jr., Rancho Cucamonga
RB Dylan Thigpen, Jr., Damien
WR Malik Yoakum, Sr., Upland
WR Vos Price, Jr., Chino Hills
WR Keon Stephens, Sr., Etiwanda
WR Gabe Delgadillo, Sr., Upland
WR Michael Neal, Sr., Etiwanda
WR Blake Fisher, Sr., Rancho Cucamonga
TE Tavoi Hoching, Jr., Upland
OL Clay Garcelli, Sr., Chino Hills
OL Donnie Green, Sr., Upland
OL Matt Kivler, Jr., Chino Hills
OL David Martinez, Sr., Upland
OL Kyle Bagnall, Jr., Etiwanda
OL Evan Gonzalez, Sr., Upland
OL Cohi Cabral, Jr., Los Osos
OL Josiah Gray, Sr., Rancho Cucamonga
OL Jacob Contreras, Sr., Rancho Cucamonga
TE Hunter Smith, Sr., Damien
K Carlos Benites, Sr., Chino Hills

Defensive Player of Year - Khaylan Thomas, Sr., Etiwanda

First team defense
FS Jared Patuano, Sr., Chino Hills
S Kameron Powell, Sr., Upland
DB-C Cameron Record, Jr., Damien
CB Treyjohn Butler, Jr., Etiwanda
CB Jaylon Redd, Soph., Rancho Cucamonga
LB Josh Woods, Sr., Upland
LB Anthony Rosales, Jr., Chino Hills
LB Nick Castro, Sr., Damien
LB Kamrin Wright, Sr., Upland
LB Aidan Anderson, Jr., Etiwanda
LB Bryce Youngquist, Jr., Los Osos
LB Donnie Finn, Sr., Los Osos
LB Israel Fonua, Sr., Rancho Cucamonga
DE Vincent Elefante, Sr., Upland
DE Trent Goens, Sr., Chino Hills
DE JP Lanathoua, Sr., Chino Hills
DE Gary Baker, Sr., Upland
NT Patrick Sanchez, Sr., Damien
NT Kelon Ferdinand, Jr., Upland
DL Deshawn Fortune, Sr., Etiwanda
DL Uepi Kaufusi, Sr., Rancho Cucamonga
DT Jabari Watson, Jr., Rancho Cucamonga

Second team offense
QB Angel Matute, Jr., Rancho Cucamonga
RB Curtis Price, Jr., Chino Hills
RB Kempson Pearce, Jr., Etiwanda
RB Nathan Tiflord, Soph., Upland
WR Jared Patuano, Sr., Chino Hills
WR Ray Surry, Sr., Rancho Cucamonga
WR Malcolm Smith, Sr., Los Osos
OL Bijan Hosseini, Sr., Upland
OL Jaimey Wasson, Sr., Chino Hills
OL RJ Stripling, Soph., Chino Hills
OL Liam Ryan, Jr., Damien
OL Nicholas Duran, Sr., Etiwanda
OL Tyler Clausen, Sr., Rancho Cucamonga
OL Nathan Thomas, Jr., Rancho Cucamonga
OL Kyle Masropian, Sr., Los Osos
PK Matt Amrhein, Jr., Damien
PK Joey Mendoza, Jr., Rancho Cucamonga
PK Luke Van Ginkle, Sr., Upland

Second team defense
CB Tyrus Lineberger, Sr., Chino Hills
CB Josh Zappala, Jr., Chino Hills
CB Zachary Wilson, Sr., Upland
S Kamari Pleasant, Jr., Etiwanda
CB Xavier Caldwell, Jr., Etiwanda
S Jerry Chaney, Sr., Rancho Cucamonga
S Jalen Moore, Sr., Upland
S Darrial Busby, Jr., Rancho Cucamonga
CB Elijah Jones, Sr., Upland
CB Tayari Venable, Soph., Rancho Cucamonga
DB Jude Heyman, Sr., Los Osos
LB Konnor Zickefoose, Sr., Chino Hills
LB Luke McKay, Sr., Chino Hills
LB Cameron Adams, Sr., Rancho Cucamonga
LB Cole McCarty, Jr., Upland
LB Gabriel Espinosa, Sr., Rancho Cucamonga
LB Nicholas Provenzano, Sr., Damien
DL Anthony Adams, Sr., Chino Hills
DL Ryan Oak, Sr., Damien
DL Kendall Jordan, Jr., Etiwanda
DL Cody Fahamokia, Sr., Rancho Cucamonga

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Baseline League honors: Volleyball


Most Valuable Player: Kylie Miller, Jr., Rancho Cucamonga

First team
Meghan Buzzerio, Sr., Chino Hills
Alex Campos, Sr., Upland
Loryn Carter, Jr., St. Lucy’s
Sarah Dixon, Sr., Chino Hills
Samantha Frost, Sr., Rancho Cucamonga
Cherise Hennigan, Sr., Chino Hills
Juliet McClure, Sr., St. Lucy’s
Darby Minton, Sr., Chino Hills
Jena Willis, Sr., Los Osos

Second team
Bria Beale, Soph., Rancho Cucamonga
Alexis Cardoza, Soph., Chino Hills
Francessa D’Aquilla, Jr., St. Lucy’s
Delaney Goodrich, Sr., Los Osos
Shaela Gray, Sr., Upland
Amber Gunsur, Jr., Upland
Alyssa Herrera, Sr., Etiwanda
Phallyn Hill, Sr., Los Osos
Janessa Thropay, Jr., Chino Hills
Kyriaki Tsigkounis, Sr., Rancho Cucamonga

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Baseline League honors: Boys water polo


Most Valuable Player - Austin Stewart, Sr., Los Osos

First team
Joseph Galgani, Soph., Los Osos
Tommy Halvorson, Sr., Los Osos
Sam Leblane, Sr., Chino Hills
Matt Maier, Jr., Damien
Nick Perez, Jr., Upland
Hunter Schoeller, Soph., Rancho Cucamonga
Brett Rehrer, Sr., Chino Hills
Chase Travisano, Soph., Damien
Ty Williams, Los Osos

Second team
Luke Andres, Jr., Los Osos
Eddy Berry, Fr., Upland
Noah Judson, Sr., Etiwanda
Josh Matthews, Sr., Chino Hills
Zach Memasters, Sr., Etiwanda
Conner Panse, Sr., Rancho Cucamonga
Max Rios, Sr., Damien
Jordan Scott, St., Los Osos
Tanner Stewart, Jr., Los Osos
Jasen Swan, Soph., Damien
Sam Wallman, Jr., Damien

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Hacienda League honors: Football


Offensive MVPs: Zion Echols, Charter Oak; David Tomalchoff, Los Altos
Defensive MVPs: Jacob Underhill, Charter Oak; Josh Herrera, West Covina

First team offense
C Eric Castillo, Los Altos
G Tyler Johnson, West Covina
G Devin Collins, Chino
T Steve Magallanes, Los Altos
T Chris Koreen, West Covina
TE Bryan Curiel, Los Altos
QB Kam Brown, Charter Oak
RB Tyler Nevens, Los Altos
RB Davion Gaisie, Diamond Ranch
RB Daniel Garcia, Diamond Ranch
RB Henry Martinez, West Covina
WR Isaiah Love, West Covina
WR Dareon Nash, Charter Oak
WR Brian Casteel, Charter Oak
K Adrian Saldana, Walnut

First team defense
DL Trevita Sina, Los Altos
DL Chris Kirchgraber, Diamond Ranch
DL Tyler Lli, West Covina
DL Daryl Bernardino, Charter Oak
DL Marcus Lewis, Chino
LB Carlos Mejia, Los Altos
LB Isaac Camarena, West Covina
LB Damina Ibarra, West Covina
LB Jason ORtiz, Charter Oak
LB Ryan Hansen, Charter Oak
DB Daniel Valdez, Los Altos
DB Jon Perkins, Diamond Ranch
DB Daniel Garcia, Diamond Ranch
DB Damien Washington, Charter Oak
DB Jeremy Caldwell, Charter Oak

Second team offense
C Matt Jinright, West Covina
G Miguel Becerra, Diamond Ranch
G Hassan Nasir, Walnut
T Jesus Oliva, Charter Oak
T Kenny Sutton, Chino
TE Alex Carrillo, West Covina
QB Josh Thornton, Chino
RB Tevita Sina, Los Altos
RB Kevin Thomas, West Covina
RB Andrew Coronado, Walnut
RB Matt Magallanez, Walnut
RB James Carradine, Chino
WR Brett Clemtson, Charter Oak
WR Adam Broad, Walnut
K Chris Kirchgraber, Diamond Ranch
K Collin Granados, Chino

Second team defense
DL Steve Magallanes, Los Altos
DL Brian Perez, Los Altos
DL Ivan Gomez, Diamond Ranch
DL Adrian Huerta, West Covina
DL Andrew Arguellas, Charter Oak
LB Nicholas-Noah Raya, Los Altos
LB Bryan Curiel, Los Altos
LB Mateo Rodarte, Diamond Ranch
LB Cristian Zambrano, Diamond Ranch
LB Richard Lopez, Chino
DB Tyler Terriquez, West Covina
DB Joshua Padilla, Charter Oak
DB Jonathan Huerta, Charter Oak
DB Collin Granados, Chino
DB BJ Ubani, West Covina


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Hacienda League honors: Volleyball

"Los Altos, St. Lucy's, Volleyball "


Most Valuable Player: Mireya Rojo, Los Altos

First team
Haley Brownhead, Los Altos
Jenna Dohy, Charter Oak
Jackie Graves, Diamond Ranch
Sarah Kretchmar, Diamond Ranch
Tanya Metchkoff, Los Altos
Esmerelda Reynosoo, Los Altos
Marina Roski, Diamond Ranch
Regan Tate, West Covina
Kuuipol Vaimaona, Walnut

Second team
Danielle Baca, Walnut
Danielle Hernandez, Los Altos
Kaeili Martinez, Diamond Ranch
Pauline Mendoza, Walnut
Alexis Quidilla, West Covina
Alyssa Rivas, Walnut
Justin Santos, Charter Oak
Lucy Zhao, Walnut
Shirley Zhao, Walnut

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Hacienda League honors: Boys water polo

Most Valuable Player: Justin Contreras, Los Altos

First team
James Adams, Charter Oak
David Albers, Webb
Travis Alvarado, Webb
Farrukh Chaplin, West Covina
Mitchell Fargo, Webb
Andi Henson, Charter Oak
Scott McDill, Walnut
George Millard, Los Altos
Guillermo Ocacio, Los Altos
Matthew Perez, Los Altos
Jeffrey Silverberg, Walnut

Second team
Will Donahue, Webb
Adrian Hernandez, Chino
Esteben Martinez, Walnut
Jeremiah Hernandez, Chino
Justin Hernandez, Charter Oak
Richard Parnel, Webb
Phillip Rogerson, West Covina
Jonathan Smith, West Covina

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Hacienda League honors: Cross country

Most Valuable:
Millen Trujillo, Walnut

First team
Daniel Dobson, Jr., Walnut
Dominic Gonzalez, Jr., Walnut
Jonathan Mijares, Sr., Los Altos
Kenny Peterson, Jr., West Covina
Adam Preston, Jr., Los Altos
Michael Torres, Sr., Chino
Danny Venegas, Jr. Los Altos
Second team
Wasqas Amin, Jr.,
Eric Francis, Sr., Los Altos
Issac Granados, Fr., West Covina
Osahmah Hassan, Jr., Walnut
Evan Potts, Soph., West Covina
Santiago Torres, Soph., Los Altos

Most Valuable:
Jessica Gallardo, Jr., Walnut

First team
Anahi Betart, Sr., Walnut
Viviana Avila, Jr., West Covina
Bereni Hernandez, Soph., Chino
Josie Keener, Jr., Los Altos
Audrey Ochoa, Fr., Los Altos
Wednesday Osuna, Soph., Los Altos
Carol Wong, Sr., Walnut

Second team
Natalie Escobedo, Sr., Charter Oak
Karina Galvan, Soph., Walnut
Erika Lopez, Soph., Walnut
Viviana Madrigal, Sr., West Covina
Sierra Santoyo, Soph., Chino
Kimberly Soloio, Sr., Chino
Paulina Telleria, Sr., West Covina

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