Valle Vista League honors: Football

Most Valuable Player – Alex Camacho, Northview
Lineman of Year - Jaron Reed, Northview
MVP Offense – Pearnell Smallley, Covina
MVP Defense - Ricky Padilla, Northview

First team offense
Backs -
Joe Benavidez, Covina; Steven Comstock, Northview; Cameron Eaglin, Nogales; Manny Elizalde, San Dimas; Chris Osorio, Wilson.

Receivers - Paul Cooper, Northview; Zack Moreno, Covina; Eric Williams, Covina

Offensive line - Eric Archuleta, Wilson; Yousef, Hanna, San Dimas; Nathan Repp, San Dimas; Ruben Retana, Covina; Nick Torres, Northview

Tight end - Blake Lowary, San Dimas

First team defense
Defensive backs -
Paul Cooper, Northview; Chris Rufus, San Dimas; Abraham Trejo, Covina; Erick Ware, San Dimas.

Defensive line - Earl Allen, Rowland; Anibal Lopez, Northview; Bobby Rios, San Dimas; Michael Roberts, Covina.

Linebackers - Ryan Caveness, Covina; Josiah Erickson, San Dimas; Elijah Grijalva, Northview; Chris Osorio, Wilson.

Kicker – Erick Ware, San Dimas.

Second team offense
Backs -
Adrian Campos, Rowland; Elijah Grijalva, Northview;
Andres Hooper, Northview; Kennan Romney, Nogales; Jackie Zhang, Rowland.

Receivers/tight end - Aaron Ballard, Wilson; Greg Hennes, Covina.

Offensive line - Earl Allen, Rowland; Michael Gutierrez, Northview; Anthony Padilla, Northview; Carlos Pichardo, Covina; Fernando Rodriguez, Nogales.

Second team defense
Backs -
Andres Guzman, Covina; Andres Hooper, Northview; Matthew Olguin, Nogales; Chris Salcido, San Dimas.

Defensive line - MB Akpom, San Dimas; Greg Benjamin, Rowland; Anthony Esquivel, Rowland; Anthony Villa, Northview.

Linebackers – Adrian Campos, Rowland; Andrew Guevara, Covina; Joey Hartnett, Rowland; Seth Haynes, San Dimas.

Honorable mention - Chris Auirre, Rowland; Brandon Baisley, Rowland; Michael Gano, Wilson; Johnathan Gonzalez, Wilson; Kevin Hynes, Covina; Jeff McDonough, Covina; Andy Naranjo, Rowland; Sonny Ramirez, Rowland; Johel Sandoval, Wilson.

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Valle Vista League honors: Volleyball

"Wilson, San Dimas, Volleyball"

Most Valuable Player - Hannah Doonan, San Dimas

First team
Lea Fischbach, San Dimas
Sara Harding, Covina
Genna Henderson, San Dimas
Serena Hausman, Covina
Kelli Iwamoto, Wilson
Zhari Johnson, Northview
Hannah Nance, San Dimas
Nicole Ramirez, Wilson
Katelyn Winiecki, San Dimas

Second team
Caitlyn Bato, Nogales
Joy Garcia, Northview
Shelby Garcia, San Dimas
Alyssa Gutierrez, Covina
Amber Kemper, Northview
Sarah Lee, Wilson
Megan Macasaet, Northview
Edith Majia, Rowland
Autumn Moseley, San Dimas
Julianna Purcell, Nogales

Honorable mention - Anjoree Calvero-Sunga, Nogales; Monica Campos, Covina; Camryn Kaminski, Wilson; Kailey McClune, Covina; Julia Rodelo, Rowland; Scarlette Sun, Wilson; Angela Varela, Rowland.


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Valle Vista League honors: Boys water polo

MVPs – Brandon Howell (San Dimas) and Brandon Fang (Rowland)

First team
Anthony Alarcon, Rowland
Adam Berard, San Dimas
Ryan Chaney, San Dimas
Steven Garcia, Nogales
Ryan Lai, Rowland
Sean Nguyen, Wilson
Alex Nitinthorn, San Dimas
Zach Patrick, San Dimas
Isaac Rios, Rowland
Paolo Villareal, Nogales

Second team
Jared Caldarone, San Dimas
Alejandro Camacho, Nogales
Aggason Chen, Rowland
Vincent Huynh, Wilson
Fidel Mao, Wilson
Angel Lopez, Nogales
Simein Ng, Wilson
David Pinedo, Cathedral
Rolan Solis, Nogales
Samuel Wong, Rowland

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One more to go for Alta Loma volleyball team


The Braves celebrate their Southern California Regional championship

Even before this season started the stars seemed to be aligned for the Alta Loma High School volleyball team.

The Braves (36-2) boasted a senior-laden squad with the players having spent their entire high school careers together. They’re as tight a team as you’ll find anywhere.

A move from the Baseline to the poor Mt. Baldy League was good in a one way, not so in another. They were removed from the established powers like Los Osos and Rancho Cucamonga and newcomer Chino Hills. So winning a league title seemed like a foregone conclusion.

But being in a bad league hurts in other ways. Just how do you keep a team sharp, focused ad engaged when there is little competition?

The change in leagues also meant a change in classification from Division 1A to Division 4AA. Yes there is a significant difference. But the Braves have turned in some huge wins over teams in higher classifications. So the Braves can play with the best.

Coach Tishanna Pope had her team play a competitive non-league schedule which was a big help. But she also had to keep their attention in practice and these are high school girls we’re talking about here.

They’ve checked those goals off the list.

Mt. Baldy League title – done

One, two, three, four playoff wins and a CIF Southern Section title – done.

On the the state playoffs . . . Southern California Regional – done.

Now they face Sonora (36-5), the Northern California Regional winner at 12:30 p.m. on Saturday at Santiago Canyon College.

They have won 25 matches in a row and lost just two sets in the last 23.  Here’s to hoping they can top of their dream season with one more victory!

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More issues with an All-League team, this time the Palomares League

I like to think coaches have the best intentions when it comes to these All-League teams. I know it can be a tough job. Different kids play well against different teams. Each coach is lobbying for his own kids.

But there were a couple of surprising omissions from the Palomares League football selections.

Among those NOT making the cut were defensive backs Malik Psalms and Philip Afia, both from Ayala.

Pslams committed to Cal over the summer and Afia declared for Utah toward the end of the season.

I’m not saying reputation or where a kid is going is the be all, end all but it is indicative of the skill those players have and how highly thought of they are at the next level.

So the Palomares League coaches vote five defensive backs to the first team and four to the second and neither of those Ayala boys makes the cut. There are really nine DBs in the League BETTER than the two from Ayala going to the Pac-12. Nothing against the nine chosen, but I have a hard time buying that.

Granted Afia did miss the early part of the season with an ankle injury but he was back for league play.

It just means when I go to select the All-Area team I will put little emphasis on what those coaches voted.

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Palomares League honors: football

Athlete of Year - Matt Fink, Jr., QB, Glendora
Offensive MVP - Danny Gelalich, Sr., WR, Bonita
Defensive MVP - Zach Lewallen, Sr., LB, Glendora

First team offense
RB Jordan Charles, Jr., Ayala
RB Jesse Garcia, Sr., South Hills
RB Noah Holmes, Sr., Glendora
RB Antonio Hull, Sr., Diamond Bar
RB Duy Tran-Sampson, Soph., Claremont
RB Angel Verdugo, Sr., Bonita
WR James Beckner, Sr., Glendora
WR Kieran Campbell, Sr., Glendora
WR James Carter, Sr., Ayala
WR Quinn Cotter, Jr., South Hills
WR Austin Cox, Sr, Diamond Bar
WR Jordan Goodrich, Sr., Claremont
WR Jaime Valle, Sr., Ayala
OL Jake Carmona, Sr., South Hills
OL Tanner Glick, Sr., Claremont
OL Ben Northrup, Sr., Glendora
OL David Label, Jr., Glendora
OL Josh Radecki, Sr., South Hills
OL Caleb Taylor, Sr, Claremont
K Caleb Watkins, Jr., Glendora

First team defense
LB Cody Darrow, Jr., Ayala
LB Justin Frazier, Sr., Glendora
LB Cruz Garibay, Sr., Bonita
LB Nick Markarian, Sr., Ayala
LB Jack Sheehan, Soph., South Hills
LB James Stephens, Sr., Claremont
DL Kyle Kelly, Jr., South Hills
DL Austin Russell, Sr., Bonita
DL Carlos Salinas, Jr., South Hills
DL Raymundo Trejo, Sr., Glendora
DL Peyrun Twogood, Sr., Claremont
DB Julian Banuelos, Sr., South Hills
DB Danny Gelalich, Sr., Bonita
DB Colin Grady, Sr., Glendora
DB Tyler Schoenick, Jr., Glendora
DB Matthew Scott, Jr., Ayala
P – Caleb Watkins, Jr., Glendora

Second team offense
QB Tanner East, Jr., Bonita
QB Ryan O’Connor, Sr., Claremont
QB Garrett Fonseca, Sr., South Hills
RB Tyler Peterson, Sr., Diamond Bar
RB Brian Phelan, Sr., Ayala
OL David Amana, Jr., Diamond Bar
OL David Garcia, Sr., South Hills
OL Cruz Garibay, Sr., Bonita
OL Abel Martinez, Sr. Claremont
OL Sean Smeerdyke, Sr., Ayala
OL Baylee Smith, Jr., Bonita
WR Richie Cochran, Sr., Bonita
WR Ryan Mauch, Jr., South Hills
WR Ryan Sheehan, Sr., South Hills
K Garrett Dean, Soph., Bonita
K Jacob Olesniewicz, Jr., Claremont

Second team defense
LB Oswaldo De La Torre, Sr., Diamond Bar
LB Ryan DeGuzman, Sr., Glendora
LB Ed Ostashay, Sr., Bonita
LB Brandon Papazian, Sr., Ayala
LB Kyle Peterson, Sr., Diamond Bar
LB Corey Taylor, Sr., Glendora
LB Solomona Tuliaypupu, Fr., Claremont
DL Daniel Burgess, Sr., Bonita
DL Isaiah Flowers, Jr., Ayala
DL Jason Kim, Sr., Diamond Bar
DL Austin Moreno, Sr., South Hills
DL Lafayette Tate, Sr., Ayala
DB Zak Barron, Sr., South Hills
DB Favion Martinez, Sr., Claremont
DB Mateo Pacheco, Jr., Claremont
DB Tyler Peterson, Sr., Diamond Bar
P Brian Papazian, Jr., Ayala

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Palomares League honors: girls volleyball

Most Valuable Player – Becca Lowden, Sr.,Glendora

First team
Samantha Bozoian, Sr., Ayala
Jade Brockett, Jr., Glendora
Riley Inman, Sr., Bonita
Riley Jacobs, Jr., Glendora
Saharah Martinez, Soph., Bonita
Marissa Montoya, Soph., Glendora
Jessica Pierce, Sr., Diamond Bar
Kylie Robinson, Fr., Claremont
Emily Rohrer, Fr., Claremont

Second team
Natalie Barragan, Sr., Claremont
Natalia Castro, Jr., South Hills
Nicole Clavel, Jr., Ayala
Alex Diaz, Fr., Diamond Bar
Jessica Garcia, Jr., Glendora
Georgie Jackson, Jr., Claremont
Carrie McGlohon, Soph., Bonita
Cheyanne Patin, Sr., Ayala
Sarah Yauchzee, Sr., Bonita

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Palomares League honors: girls tennis

Singles Most Valuable Player - Megan Huang, Claremont
Doubles MVPs - Kalia Phaychanpheng and Nicole Ro, Ayala

First team
Shreya Bhatnagar, Bonita
Amber Chang, Diamond Bar
Lisa Chi, South Hills
Jessica Folsom, Glendora
Kate Hastings, Bonita
Yuri Kil, Ayala
Virginia Ma, South Hills
Nicole Robbins, South Hills
Amanda Rodriguez, Glendora

Second team
Katia Betancourt, South Hills
Valarie Campellana, South Hills
Kimberly Chen, Diamond Bar
Rosanne Chen, Diamond Bar
Shirley Cheng, South Hills
Ashley Lee, South Hills
Rebecca Liu, Glendora
Nina Narvasa, Ayala
Rochelle Yuan, South Hills

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Palomares League honors: Girls Golf

Bethany Wu becomes the first player to win back-to-back Annika Invitational titles at Reunion Resort on Jan. 20.

Most Valuable Player - Bethany Wu, Diamond Bar

First team
Josephine Chang, Diamond Bar
Sara Jeon, Ayala
Joan Park, Diamond Bar
Amanda Roy, Chino Hills
Kathleen Shee, Diamond Bar
Crystal Wang, Diamond Bar

Second team
Anisha Choi, Ayala
Brooke Barker, Chino Hills
Judy Choi, Wilson
Rachel Chung, Diamond Bar
Nicole Curti, Claremont
Kim Kwong, Wilson

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Palomares League honors: Boys water polo


Most Valuable Player - Steven Cagle, Claremont

First team
Ryan Beyer, Glendora
Ryan Cheyne, Bonita
Diego Hammond, Diamond Bar
Adam Kirby, Ayala
Zach O’Nell, Ayala
Thomas Randles, Claremont
Bruno Snow, Claremont
Adam Ward, Claremont
Johnathon Wong, Claremont

Second team
Neil Arnett, Ayala
Alec Baker, Ayala
Ryder Beyer, Glendora
Greg Fusco,Bonita
Dylan Landi, Claremont
Marty Marino, Ayala
Alex Mkrtcyan, Bonita
Bryan Plat, Bonita
Mat Turk, Claremont
Zach White, Glendora

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