L.A. Marathon: Claremont man’s run earns 41 Africans clean water

Rob Clobes
City of residence: Claremont
Age: 36

Rob Clobes wasn’t just running the Los Angeles Marathon on Sunday to see if he could complete his first race of such a magnitude, he was providing clean water to children in Africa. Through the Flipside Church in Rancho Cucamonga, Clobes was connected with team World Vision, which provides clean drinking water for life to a child for each donation of $50.

Clobes surpassed his target of raising $50 for each mile of the 26.2-mile race to net donations totaling $2,060, a sum that will give the equivilent of 41 children clean water for life in an effort to build wells in Africa.

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L.A. Marathon: Weight Watchers inspired man’s first at age 55

Lenny Jones
City of residence: Victorville
Age: 55

Like many that ran on Sunday, Lenny Jones, 55, of Victorville began his road to the Los Angeles Marathon with a training partner. It was his wife, after all, that inspired him to begin running. A Weight Watchers employee, she is a weight-loss success story who continues to spread the word about its benefits.

Her husband did the inspiring on Sunday, completing his first marathon at age 55.

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L.A. Marathon: Twentynine Palms resident ‘back from the dead’

Charles Delvalle
City of residence: Twentynine Palms
Age: 47

Charles Delvalle ran the Los Angeles Marathon for 16 consecutive years before he awoke from a coma four days prior to the 2012 event. Though a severe case of pneumonia required he be placed into an induced coma for 14 days, he insisted on performing his traditional run.

“I was so weak I couldn’t lift a glass,” Delvalle said. “They said you can’t go. You can’t walk. So I watched it on TV, but I was very sad I missed the marathon.”

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