Councilman addresses Riverside group on ONT

Councilman Alan Wapner this week spoke to a group of community and business leaders in Riverside in what was one of his most candid discussions regarding the airport.
Wapner was discussing the future of LA/Ontario International Airport with Riverside Mayor Ron Loveridge. For more than an hour, Wapner talked and even joked about what it’s been like the past four years attempting to regain control of the struggling facility from Los Angeles World Airports.

He even joked about the newly formed Ontario International Airport Authority,which would manage the airport if Los Angeles turns over control.

“It’s kind of fun having an airport authority without having an airport. We have meetings, we talk about this airport we don’t have,” he said.

His comments were met with a laughter from those in attendance.

He even revealed a conversation he had with Los Angeles Councilman Dennis Zine when he got him to visit the airport last year.

Wapner told the group he told Zine, “By the way, can I say this? While you’re out there, I’ll throw you a party because you are running for city controller. You do what you need to do. So I did that and it was a good fundraiser.”

When it comes to the city’s social media campaign, SetOntario Free, Wapner was not shy to poke fun at himself.

The longtime council member admitted he isn’t too social media savvy.

“I think it has a million hits on Youtube,” Wapner told the group, referring to the Youtube video Dodgers legend Tommy Lasorda made for their campaign.

“We got the ‘likes’ on Facebook. I don’t know, we have the tweets, the twoots. The story is it became, what do they call it?” he said. “It became viral.”

Here are the actual numbers (as of October) he was talking about:

• unique user visits: 127,905
• page-<QA0>
views: 221,179
• YouTube channel viewings: 81,855
• Twitter/FreeONTario followers: 617
• Google video impressions: 919,929
• Google video views: 75,428

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