Ontario council member recounts Reindeer Run

Paul Vincent Avila, the newest councilman, had a little fun recounting his experience in Ontario’s annual Reindeer Run /Walk at the Citizens Business Bank Arena and feature a 5K “Reindeer Run” on Dec. 8.

Avila, Mayor Paul Leon and Councilwoman Debra Dorst-Porada all participated in the run. According to Avila, he was quickly challenged by the mayor.

“When I was in the military I was their champion in the brigade, in long distance,” he recalled. “I wasn’t carrying this hardware I was carrying now.”

During the course of the race, Avila told those in attendance at the meeting Tuesday night that he was looking for the mayor because he wanted to beat him but he couldn’t find him.

“I kept going forward and forward,” Avila said.

He even joked with the mayor saying that the reason he didn’t see Leon was because he participated in 1-mile “Rudolph’s Dash,” which was meant for children. That got a good chuckle from the council and even those in attendance.

But Avila didn’t just poke fun of the mayor, he took even took a shot of himself. He said he was struggling as he kept watching people pass him up. It wasn’t until a lady, pushing “a buggy” pulled ahead of him which made him realize one thing.

“I’m really out of shape,” Avila admitted.

Avila added that the Leon’s physical fitness demonstrated to him that he was “worthy of a higher horizons in the near future,” hinting at the mayor’s recent admission that he was consider running for vacant state Senate seat.

“I look forward participating again next year, proud that the mayor and Porada will see the tail end of my finish,” he said.

And then it was Leon’s turn to talk about what happened at the run. He wasted no time in telling Avila he would have needed binoculars to see him.

“I did do the 5k, I didn’t do the 1k,” he quipped.

Curious how he did, I went up to Leon after the meeting to figure out his time. Turns out he finished the run in 30 minutes but he acknowledged that he had been training for it for about three months.

This is the first run he did this year but he’s already signed up for another 5k run.

On Jan. 19, the Christian Okoye Foundation will host the Ontario Mills 5k/10k run.
For more information about the run, visit www.okoyefoundation.org.

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