Spotlight shines on Ontario candy store

Here’s a photo I snapped from the Los Angeles County Holiday Celebration of the Rowleys wtih Charles Phoenix on the big screens.

After years of attempting to make it out to the Los Angeles County Holiday Celebration, I was finally able to get out of work in time to enjoy the show. I was pleasantly surprised to see Ontario’s own, Charles Phoenix, featured in the free holiday show on Dec. 24.

Phoenix, a pop-culture humorist, served as the evening’s “celebrations reporter” recording several pre-recorded segments for the live show.

It was no surprise that his first segment was from his hometown, Ontario’s Logan’s Candy where they make candies by hand and are known for candy canes at Christmastime.

The segment centered around the process of making a candy cane and featured Jerry Rowley, owner of the 1933-founded Logan’s, and his family. I’m told the program not only aired on KCET but available to view online as well.

It was actually a busy week for Rowley who was on another nationally television program.

If you’re a fan of A&E’s hit show “Storage Wars,” I’m sure some of you saw the recent episode which brought one of the protagonists to Logan’s Candy.

If you are not familiar with the reality show, it follows professionals who purchase repossessed storage units and then try to make a profit from its contents.

In this episode, which aired Dec. 18, Barry Weiss had come across an old-style device that creates the candy ribbon. Looking for the value of the equipment he takes it Rowley.

“This is an incredible find because you don’t find things like this anymore,” Rowley told Weiss. Rowley said the 1930’s device is similar to what he currently uses at his store.

Weiss is a bit disappointed when he learns it is only valued at $300.

“That’s it? I might be able to get a sweet deal after all,” Weiss says in an interview. It then cuts back to him at the Ontario candy store where he makes a deal with Rowley – five minutes to get whatever he wants from the store.

The segment ends with Weiss, chocolate all over his face and clothes, leaving the store.

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