Avila thanks Ontario FD for coming to his aid

During council comments of the Jan. 14 meeting, Paul Vincent Avila shared a story about a “very embarrassing” fall he had in front of City Hall.
The incident occurred Dec. 20 when Avila said he was walking out the door, joking that Mayor Paul Leon had given him a really heavy Christmas package.
“I slammed the floor and did a number on my knee,” he said.
Avila said he sat on the floor for a bit and even though he was in pain, he was more worried about someone seeing him.
“I got up and all these guardian angels appeared out of nowhere,” he said, referring to Ontario firefighters.
Avila said he was very touched by the performance and their service and asked that a commendation letter be included in their personnel file.
Leon, having just talked about facilities issues, couldn’t resist chiming in.
“That’s why we need a facilities board,” he said.
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