Ontario mayor advocates for ’Healthy Ontario’

As you may know, Mayor Paul Leon has long been an advocate for the city’s program “Healthy Ontario.”
The fitness and well-being program aims to build a healthier lifestyle for residents.
The mayor tried encourage residents to get fit by sharing one of his workout regimes at the Jan. 15 council meeting.
“At Muñoz Park we have a terrific aerobic class at 8 a.m. If you want to see me jumping around like an idiot, some times I’m there,” he said.
Attempting to encourage residents to attend, Leon said got a little of the information incorrect.
“It’s free…is it not?” he said looking to his colleagues.
Councilwoman Debra Dorst-Porada quickly informed him that he was wrong.
But Leon didn’t help his case when he tried to correct himself by saying the classes cost $1.
Wrong, again.
“It doesn’t cost hardly anything. I think,” he said.
In case you are wondering, monthly classes are $12 and $15 for non-residents.
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