New Ontario planning commissioners Mautz and Reyes sworn in

The Planning Commission on Jan. 22 marked the political return of one familiar face on the dais.
Former councilwoman Sheila Mautz and planning commissioner Fausto Reyes were sworn in as the commission’s newest members.
It was announced at the last council meeting that Councilman Jim Bowman had appointed Mautz to the commission.
As Mautz sat down for her new term, she shared some thoughts about her new role.
“Wow, Deja vu. Twenty years ago I was sworn in to these chambers to listen to the General Plan update and what am I doing tonight? Twenty years later I’m sworn in listening to the General Plan update, again,” Mautz said.
Mautz was referring to an item on the agenda involving zone changes for 900 residential, industrial and commercial property owners in the city.
Mautz, if you recall, lost her seat on the council to Paul Vincent Avila this past election.
Mautz was appointed to the council in 2005 and was later elected in 2008. Her service also includes 12 years on the Planning Commission as well as the Public Works Overview Committee.
“It’s bittersweet,” she said. “This is where my roots are, this where my love for the city started. I hate to see my dear friend (Barbara Hartley) go, she is quite and asset to this city but as she said, she is not going anywhere and see us around.”
Reyes had been on the commission for two and half years but was appointed by Bowman. With the councilman selecting Mautz, that meant he time was done.
But earlier this month, Avila announced that he was selecting Reyes for his appointment.
Reyes thanked the politician and the Planning Commission and staff for being back.
“It is really truly an honor to serve the city of Ontario, the community. Which is really our role, to represent all of you that are here tonight,” Reyes said. “We listen to staff recommendations and study and look at all different possibilities that would best suit the community.”
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