Long lines at ONT?

Ever encounter issues or long wait times while going through the checkpoint at LA/Ontario International Airport?

(I’ve been meaning to get to this item since last week but it’s been a little busy.)

Jim Bowman, at last week’s Ontario International Airport Authority, brought up an issue he recently noticed while traveling through the airport – a long line that had formed to go through the first checkpoint.

“I noticed a rather extraordinary long line of what should have been manned by someone, instead there was an abandoned TSA station,” he said.

Bowman said there was nobody there to process travelers.

This might be something that the new Federal Security director at ONT, Martin Elam, may handle or want to address in the future.

But that’s not all. Bowman, a longtime Ontario Councilman, said he was disappointed in the airport’s appearance.

“Service is everything, appearance is everything and the outside of the airport looks atrocious,” he said.

According to Bowman the grass near Terminal 4 has grown a nearly a foot tall.

“These are situations that a good partner doesn’t make with an asset of such value,” he said. “This exudes the reasons that L.A. is so far away and just doesn’t care about Ontario.”

ONT is managed by Los Angeles World Airports.

Have you ever encountered similar issues? Let me know.

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  • Hammy Sanchez

    I was there on Sunday @11:30am since I had to use a paper voucher to buy a ticket on American Airlines and the line was ridiculously long. Long as in it was down by the baggage claim in terminal 4 and almost out the door on the far end. I’m glad I wasn’t traveling on that day.. The long lines certainly is not because of a ton of flights either since there is very little availability out of Ontario now. I should’ve snapped a picture but I wasn’t sure if that was ok or not..

    • http://www.DailyBulletin.com Liset Marquez

      Hammy, next time snap a photo and let share it with me. Judging on the comments by Bowman and Keith, you may want to head out to the airport a little early so you don’t get stuck in any lines.

  • Keith Reece

    We flew out of ONT on June 13 on a mid day flight. The line to get up to security at Terminal 4 was backed up to the first baggage claim belt. I waited less time for security on a mid day Sunday return flight from Las Vegas, a much busier airport than ONT. Of course, several shops were not open on the concourse at ONT. It’s a shame this nice facility gets neglected by LAWA. Set ONTario FREE!

    • http://www.DailyBulletin.com Liset Marquez

      Keith, thanks for the feedback. Sounds like Bowman’s observation wasn’t a one-time occurrence.