Is it Ontario International Airport or LA/Ontario International Airport?

At Tuesday’s meeting councilman Alan Wapner stated during public comments that he has noticed a change in name for L.A./Ontario International Airport.

Wapner said he has noticed it is now referred to as, Ontario International Airport.

I wasn’t able to connect with Wapner after tonight’s meeting to see if he was referring to the new marketing campaign – unveiled by Los Angeles World Airports – as his reasoning for the name change.

The reason why I believe that might be the case is because I came to a similar conclusion after I saw the new campaign. Here’s where the confusion may come from:

In several references, the campaign drops “LA” from the name of the airport, branding it only as Ontario International Airport.

However, when you visit it is once again branded as LA/Ontario International Airport.

What’s the difference between “Ontario International Airport” vs “LA/Ontario International Airport.”

“The first is used locally and the latter outside of the region and out-of-state for practical, recognition purposes.  It’s not an official name change and didn’t go through any formal process,”  LAWA spokeswoman Maria Tesoro-Fermin said in an email.

It appears this new campaign may be creating more confusion than attention about the flights and fares offered at ONT.

Then again, this issue has already resulted in two posts from me. One could argue that some press is better than none.

You decide.

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