For the record

At Tuesday’s meeting, councilman Alan Wapner said he took issue with an “editorial from the Los Angeles News Group,” he recently read regarding the announcement of Chris Hughes’ departure.

According to Wapner, the editorial stated, “that it was good news for Los Angeles that Chris Hughes was leaving. I don’t know where they get their information from.”

(I immediately knew it didn’t sound right but I’ll let Wapner proceed)

Wapner defended the outgoing city manager, saying he has done an excellent job and he is was a great negotiator.

“Whether he’s successful or not, it’s because of the direction he receives from the council. Hopefully the council provided clear enough direction that that’s why he’s been successful.”

Following the meeting I had to go back and look at the piece, which was only posted online.

I’m not sure if Wapner read “A plus and a minus for ONT local-control effort: Breaking View” himself, which was posted a day after the news of Hughes’ retirement. There is no mention of his claim, rather the positive development mentioned was that a superior court judge had allowed Ontario’s suit against Los Angeles to proceed.

“That was followed by the bad news, Ontario City Manager Chris Hughes’ announcement on Thursday that he would retire in December,” the commentary stated.


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