New parking option at ONT airport

Travelers at LA/Ontario International Airport now have another option for affordable parking spaces. A fairly new service, Greenbee Parking, connects customers with vacancies nearby the airport.

“The parking spaces are very affordable because the company has negotiated discounted rates with major hotel chains for the parking spaces that are not currently occupied,” according to A little more on how it works.


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TSA expands Precheck at ONT

The Transportation Security Administration has expanded its TSA Pre✓ operations at LA/Ontario International Airport for the following airlines: Delta Air Lines, Alaska Airlines, Southwest, United Airlines and US Airways.

TSA Pre✓allows travelers, who are pre-approved, to leave on their shoes, belt, as well as keep their laptop in its case. They also don’t have to hassle with taking out the liquids/gels bag in a carry-on.

In September, TSA announced ONT was one of 60 airports selected for the process. Here’s more details about the program.

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Holiday travel season at ONT

The holiday season is now upon us which also means travelers need to remember to make extra accommodations when flying out of LA/Ontario International.

Officials at ONT have issued an advisory reminding the public to arrive at least 90 minutes early. They warn travelers to give themselves enough time, especially at Terminal 4 which has the airport’s largest carrier, Southwest Airlines.

“Because of ONT’s convenience factor, travelers assume they can arrive at the airport 15 to 20 minutes before their flight departs, which is a big mistake,” said Jess Romo, Airport Manager in a statement.

So want to know when are the busiest times at ONT?  Between 4:30 a.m. to 7:45 a.m., according to officials.

The holiday season also means travelers will be taking their gift with them. Visit the TSA website to see what you can take in your luggage or carry onboard at

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For the record

At Tuesday’s meeting, councilman Alan Wapner said he took issue with an “editorial from the Los Angeles News Group,” he recently read regarding the announcement of Chris Hughes’ departure.

According to Wapner, the editorial stated, “that it was good news for Los Angeles that Chris Hughes was leaving. I don’t know where they get their information from.”

(I immediately knew it didn’t sound right but I’ll let Wapner proceed) Continue reading

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Is it Ontario International Airport or LA/Ontario International Airport?

At Tuesday’s meeting councilman Alan Wapner stated during public comments that he has noticed a change in name for L.A./Ontario International Airport.

Wapner said he has noticed it is now referred to as, Ontario International Airport.

I wasn’t able to connect with Wapner after tonight’s meeting to see if he was referring to the new marketing campaign – unveiled by Los Angeles World Airports – as his reasoning for the name change. Continue reading

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Ontario names new city manager

The City Council has named deputy city manager Al Boling to succeed Chris Hughes as City Manager.

The council unanimously made the decision during closed session of Tuesday’s council meeting. The appointment was announced during the meeting.

Boling has been with Ontario for 17 years, serving as the city’s first internal auditor and, for the past six years, in the role of deputy city manager .

Hughes, the city manager for the past three years, announced Thursday he will retire in December.

“I have the most utmost confidence and respect for Al Boling,” Ontario Mayor Paul Leon said “I know the city will be well taken care of.”

As deputy city manager, Boling oversees several city departments but has usually reserved a low-profile during council meetings.

“A lot of people don’t even know who Al is,” said Councilman Alan Wapner, motioning Boling to stand up to the podium at Tuesday’s council meeting.

Wapner said he has had several long conversations with Boling in the past and is confident he is suited for the position.

The outgoing city manager has been at the helm of the battle for local control of L.A./Ontario International Airport. And on Tuesday, Wapner assured the public that things will be no different with Boling, adding he has been involved in the issue with the airport from the start.

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ONT records a nearly 15 percent drop in passenger traffic

August passenger traffic at L.A./Ontario International Airport declined nearly 15 percent from the same month last year, making it the largest drop in monthly passenger traffic since May. Prior to that the largest drop in passenger traffic was last seen in October 2011.

Figures released by Los Angeles World Airports on Thursday show ONT recorded a 14.8 percent decline in passenger traffic with 338,387 travelers in August. The number was 396,632 in August 2012.

Overall, there was a 9.45 percent decline in the amount of travelers coming in and out of the medium-hub facility for the first eight months of the year compared with the same period in 2012.

In May, there was a 9.3 percent from the same month last year.

In 2011, the airport experienced a 10.2 percent decline in passenger traffic compared with the same month in 2010.

So far 2.6 million passengers have utilized the airport in 2013.

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ONT to get new service to SF

United Airlines has announced it will add a fifth flight to San Francisco out of LA/Ontario International Airport starting in December.

The announcement was made this morning. Tickets for the new flight, which begins Dec. 19, are already available on (Too bad this flight wasn’t announced yesterday when a glitch in the airline’s system allowed customers to purchase tickets as low as $0.)

Could this be the start of a turnaround at ONT?

Last week, my colleague Brian Sumers reported on Aeromexico’s decision to offer daily service to Guadalajara and low-cost carrier Volaris applying to serve ONT.

Later this month ONT, LA Tourism, and AeroMexico will co-hosting an event to promote AeroMexico’s service at the airport. The event is expected to bring together travel agents from the southern California region. AeroMexico and other Latin American carriers still use travel agents as a major source for booking flights.

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ONT GM campaigning for better air carrier presence

There is a misconception that LA/Ontario International Airport’s costs are significantly more than all other airports in the region, says the general manager of the medium-hub facility.

Jess Romo, general manager of the airport, said he also wants to make it clear that the agency that runs ONT is not manipulating costs specifically to benefit Los Angeles International Airport.

Ontario officials, which have been fighting to regain control of the airport, have claimed Los Angeles World Airports has ignored ONT at the benefit of LAX, one of the busiest airports in the nation.

Inland officials also say the airport is too expensive for airlines to do business and has not appropriately been marketed the facility in recent years.

Romo, who has been the general manager at ONT since 2006, explained how the costs and fees assessed to the airlines is based on several circumstances, and not a decision set by the agency.

“What an airport charges an airline to operate at a facility represents 5 percent or 15 percent of their total operating expenses,” Romo said. Continue reading

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