Citywide garage sale

The next citywide yard (garage) sale weekend is May 4, 5, and 6.
In 2010, Ontario adopted a yard sale ordinance giving residents the opportunity to hold more yard sales each year on fixed dates and eliminate the need for yard sale permits and fees.
The rules for signage are (1) 6 square foot sign on the owner’s property. Rules for merchandise sold will remain unchanged, seller’s personal property only, no new or re-sold goods.
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New sign on Ontario Fire Department brings back many memories

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I posted a photo of Ontario Fire Department Station 1 and the new changes I had noticed? I finally got around to asking some questions about it. Here’s a story that recently ran in our City News edition.

Less than two months ago, the Ontario Fire Department station in the downtown got a bit of an upgrade: new signage in black bold letters that sits above the garage doors as a tribute to how it appeared a half-century ago.

It’s part of an effort to bring back some back attention to the downtown, said Fire Chief Floyd Clark.

But the recent change also carries out late Fire Chief Fred Nelsen’s desire to get the letters off the building wall.

“Fred believed and loved the history of Ontario and especially in the Ontario Fire Department,” says Rita Nelsen, wife of the former fire chief.

Nelsen said that her husband would often talk about the signage when he was serving in the post. It was due in part to the fact that previous fire chiefs had shared with him a photo which showed that the department’s signage use to rest on an overhang just in front of the garage doors. Nelsen said her late husband even showed her a photo of what the station marquee looked like. Continue reading

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Ontario mayor advocates for ’Healthy Ontario’

As you may know, Mayor Paul Leon has long been an advocate for the city’s program “Healthy Ontario.”
The fitness and well-being program aims to build a healthier lifestyle for residents.
The mayor tried encourage residents to get fit by sharing one of his workout regimes at the Jan. 15 council meeting.
“At Muñoz Park we have a terrific aerobic class at 8 a.m. If you want to see me jumping around like an idiot, some times I’m there,” he said.
Attempting to encourage residents to attend, Leon said got a little of the information incorrect.
“It’s free…is it not?” he said looking to his colleagues.
Councilwoman Debra Dorst-Porada quickly informed him that he was wrong.
But Leon didn’t help his case when he tried to correct himself by saying the classes cost $1.
Wrong, again.
“It doesn’t cost hardly anything. I think,” he said.
In case you are wondering, monthly classes are $12 and $15 for non-residents.
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Avila thanks Ontario FD for coming to his aid

During council comments of the Jan. 14 meeting, Paul Vincent Avila shared a story about a “very embarrassing” fall he had in front of City Hall.
The incident occurred Dec. 20 when Avila said he was walking out the door, joking that Mayor Paul Leon had given him a really heavy Christmas package.
“I slammed the floor and did a number on my knee,” he said.
Avila said he sat on the floor for a bit and even though he was in pain, he was more worried about someone seeing him.
“I got up and all these guardian angels appeared out of nowhere,” he said, referring to Ontario firefighters.
Avila said he was very touched by the performance and their service and asked that a commendation letter be included in their personnel file.
Leon, having just talked about facilities issues, couldn’t resist chiming in.
“That’s why we need a facilities board,” he said.
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Wapner endorses Leon, or so he thinks

Councilman Alan Wapner found himself in a bit of a predicament at the Jan. 15 meeting when he tried to congratulate Mayor Paul Leon on his bid for a seat on the state Senate.
State Sen. Gloria Negrete-McLeod’s seat was vacated when she was elected to Congress in November.
Gov. Jerry Brown announced that a special primary election for the Inland Empire’s 32nd Senate District will be March 12. The district includes Pomona, Ontario, Fontana and Rialto.
“I don’t remember when or if we have had an Ontario resident in our state Legislature,” Wapner said. “Frankly, I’m tired of our city being the largest city in the district being represented by residents in Chino or Pomona. I think it’s time we have an Ontario representative representing the largest city in the district.”
As Wapner gave his endorsement and vowed to support Leon in his bid, he realized one thing.
“Paul, good luck to you and congratulations. Oh, I’m sorry, the other Paul is running, too. Oops.” Wapner said, referring about Councilman Paul Vincent Avila’s run for the seat.
The comment drew laughter from those on the dais.
“Let’s just say I support and endorse Paul,” Wapner said.
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Council appoints Mautz to Planning Commission

Former Councilwoman Sheila Mautz is back in city government.
At the Jan. 15 meeting, Councilman Jim Bowman nominated Mautz to the Planning Commission. The motion was unanimously approved by the council.
Mautz, if you recall, lost her seat on the council to Paul Vincent Avila this past election.
Mautz was appointed to the council in 2005 and was later elected in 2008. Her service also includes 12 years on the Planning Commission as well as the Public Works Overview Committee.
Prior to the leaving the council in December, Mautz said she remained interested in staying involved in city government.
In addition to Mautz’ appointment, the City Council also discussed their selections to several city commissions.
But two vacancies on the museum board remained.
“We do have some opportunities,” Leon said.
Councilwoman Debra Dorst-Porada, who is the city’s liaison for the museum, spoke a little about the position, in an attempt to draw interest from the public. The board is currently going through a strategic planning process.
“The museum is a very exciting board to be on, and everybody who is currently on the board is doing a fabulous job,” Dorst-Porada said. “Lots of good stuff is happening with the museum.”
Councilman Paul Vincent Avila said he wanted to recognize the council’s patience, wisdom and teamwork in recognizing his selections to the various commissions.
“I sit with not just people that resided in this community for a tons of years and have aged gracefully. I have been mandated by the community and I feel very proud to be part of this council,” Avila said.
Mayor Paul Leon did have one request for the council – creating a facilities oversight commission.
I do visit facilities the city of Ontario has a lot of facilities, more than cities of this size. We have everything from an arena, a convention center to a mall,” the mayor pointed out.
That doesn’t include City Hall and all the teen centers and community centers, he said.
“A lot of times I have something to say, and I don’t know who to say it to,” Leon said.
Typically, those comments end up going to the city manager or a city staff member but Leon said he feels that process should be transparent.
Councilman Alan Wapner said he approved of the idea and suggested that the council put the item on the agenda for the next council meeting Feb. 5.
Wapner suggested that at least two people be appointed to oversight commission.
The council agreed.
To pick up a application for museum board, visit or call the city clerk at 909-395-2009.
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Best Best and Krieger moves to new Ontario location

From Best Best & Krieger:

Best Best & Krieger LLP, a law firm whose attorneys represent public agencies and clients in the private sector, announced today that moved its Ontario office to a new location in the city.

On Monday, BB&K opened its office in a fourth-floor suite at the Ontario Airport Towers, 2855 E. Guasti Rd., south of Interstate 10. The building was certified in 2009 as LEED silver for its environmentally friendly features such as  a “cool roof” designed to reduce energy consumption for the building, low-flow toilets to reduce water consumption and recycled materials used in its construction,  including the building’s steel structure.

In all, 200 attorneys work at BB&K in nine offices across California and in Washington, D.C. The Ontario office is the base for 16 lawyers, including those who focus on business, municipal and telecommunications law and serve as city attorney to Ontario, Fontana and Colton.

The law firm signed an 11-year lease for the 12,911-square-foot office space, said Jamie Zamoff, BB&K’s chief operating officer.  The firm’s previous lease, for the last 14 years, was at One Corporate Plaza, 3500 Porsche Way, about two miles away.

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City Council recognizes outgoing member Mautz

It was a bittersweet night for Sheila Mautz.

On Tuesday night, after several years on the dais, she attended her last meeting as a member of the Ontario City Council. Mautz was ousted by longtime Ontario-Montclair School District board member Paul Vincent Avila.

Before swearing in Avila and Councilwoman Debra Dorst-Porada, who won her re-election bid, the council held a special recognition for Mautz.

Mautz was appointed to the council in 2005 and was later elected in 2008. Her service also includes 12 years on the Planning Commission as well as the Public Works Overview Committee. Continue reading

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Ontario Civic Center Transfer Station opens

City and Omnitrans officials celebrated the opening of the new Ontario Civic Center Transfer Stations.

The transfer stations are part of Ontario’s on-going plan to enhance transportation access for residents and the business community, said Mayor Paul Leon at a ceremony this morning.

The relocation of two stops around the City’s Civic Center provides easy access to City Hall, Ontario Senior Center, Ovitt Family Community Library as well as the University of La Verne Law School adjacent to City Hall.

I’ll have more information on later on today. Here’s Ontario councilman Alan Wapner boarding an Omnitrans bus this morning.

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