No Kobe, no IE fans

In today’s paper I examine the reason for the low turnout for the Los Angeles Lakers game in Ontario on Saturday.

One analyst believes the reason for the unusually low turnout at this weekend’s game in Ontario was the absence of the team’s star, Kobe Bryant.

“Kobe is this team and this brand. When you know Kobe is not going to play, it is going to have a significant effect on attendance,” says Jeff C. Fellenzer, who teaches the course Sports, Business, Media at USC Annenberg.

Here’s the rest of my story.

Lakers play one more game in the Inland Empire tonight but judging the response from this reader, I don’t think things will be different tonight.



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Kids Come First and vying for $5k grant from Los Angeles Lakers

Kids Come First and the Los Angles Lakers — The two don’t immediately come to mind at the same time but organizers of the nonprofit would like you to do so.
The Ontario-based nonprofit is among five finalists for a $5,000 grant from the Lakers to support Kids Come First’s obesity program.
“But… the final decision will be made not on the merits of the program, but on the number of votes we can generate from the community,” said Beverly Speak, executive director
Speak encourages others to help them spread the word about the contest.
Visit the Scroll down to the voting section.
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