Group to appeal lawsuit over Nativity scenes

If you recall, last month I wrote a story about the issue going on in Santa Monica over the Nativity scenes and the possible implications it may have on the creches on the Euclid Avenue median in Ontario.

Late last year, a group was banned from publicly displaying the scenes in a Santa Monica park.

A lawsuit from the Santa Monica Scenes Committee seeking to restore the 59-year- old tradition of displaying the scenes at Palisades Park was dismissed last year.
On Wednesday, attorneys for the group announced they would be appealing the federal court’s decision to dismiss the case.

“A city can certainly have a policy that disallows private, unattended displays in a public park, but it cannot ban them on the basis of an unconstitutional rationale,” said William J. Becker Jr., a First Amendment attorney and lead counsel for the Santa Monica Nativity Scenes Committee.

In Ontario, volunteers associated with the local Nativity scenes have said they will be watching this case closely.

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