FOOTBALL: How transfers have hurt or helped the West SGV

A hot-button issue seems to be what was termed as “syphoning of talent” in the West SGV.
It seems Bishop Amat seems to be involved more times than not. How much does the past success of Amat have to do with that? Because, let’s face it, Amat was once known as the football factory in the entire SGV.


1. Why do players leave the West San Gabriel Valley to play in the East SGV?
2. What other schools draw kids from the West SGV other than Amat?
3. What would make East SGV want to come to West SGV schools?
4. How much is this about kids making the best decision as opposed to the desire to be on a winning team?
5. What can be fixed to keep players from transferring?
6. How does St. Francis, which has lost some good players to the transfer bug, play into this one way or another?
7. How are other sports affected?

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