FOOTBALL: What are some of the best stadiums in the area

This was one of the topics which was brought up, so here we go.
Personally, I like St. Francis’s Friedman Field. It has a nice intimate feel to it with the field being close to the stands. Arcadia’s is also good one, especially when the fans pack ’em in. San Gabriel’s apparently is going to be re-done this year so the Matadors will be playing all their games on the road. Two of the other ones I liked, although there is no press box, are Temple City and Monrovia. Good old-style stadiums.

6310-San Marino.jpg

Above: Don’t you wish every area stadium looked like this one? I do.

Question: What are your favorites?

Here are a couple of Dallas area stadiums I found. I couldn’t find one with a good view of stadium seats and luxury boxes, but you get the idea.


Above: John Clark Field in Plano, Texas.


Above: Highlander Field in Dallas. I lived close to this one for about a year. Lots of stadium seats. Most JCs in the area would love this stadium.

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