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I had a conversation with former Star-News and current Tribune prep editor Fred Robledo Thursday. The conversation got going when I mentioned I was covering Flintridge Prep’s boys volleyball match against three-time defending CIF-SS Division V champion Viewpoint (a match that turned out to be an outstanding one). He scoffed at the fact the we’ve been covering volleyball this season. I mentioned to him that, in some cases, boys volleyball in this area, has actually outdrawn baseball and softball in terms of attendance.

Here’s what Fred wrote over on his side of town.
“I was talking with Star-News prep editor Scott Galetti, who is convinced that boys volleyball is just as popular on the West side of the Valley as baseball and softball. He says there are more fans at volleyball games in the Star-News area, but I think there are more fans as a whole in baseball and softball. That’s what sports guys do, we disagree. How about on the Tribune side of town? Should I be giving boys volleyball, track and swimming the same coverage we give baseball and softball during the season? We’ve already started covering track now that the big meets are here, and I usually wait until we get closer to CIF before I start dialing in on volleyball and swimming. What are your thoughts?

I’ve stated from Day 1, much to the dismay of New York, that I feel it’s important to give every sport as much coverage, especially if it’s warranted. And, as in the case of the other sports, we cover the top games.
Now I never said I was convinced that boys volleyball is as popular as baseball and softball, I just conveyed that the crowds at the big matches that I’ve attended have been bigger at times. Case in point, a couple of weeks ago when Crescenta Valley and Arcadia had their big night-time doubleheader with baseball and volleyball at the same time, the crowd in the gym at the volleyball match was larger than the baseball crowd, which large to say the least.
Yes, there wasn’t a seat to be had at the baseball game and there were people lining each side in the outfield. But the stands inside are larger than the small stands at a baseball field.
I’ve mentioned this before on the blog, last season, before they put in the stadium seats, San Marino had a big baseball game with Temple City. The crowd was decent, but I ventured over to the gym to take a quick peak at what was going on in San Marino’s boys volleyball match with South Pasadena and the crowd was larger than any basketball game I’ve seen there.
And, let’s face it, baseball generally outdraws softball, although the bloggers will tell you otherwise.
What are your thoughts?

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