BASEBALL: San Jacinto beats Maranatha 4-3 in eight innings


San Jacinto 4, San Jacinto 3 (8 Innings)

My thoughts: A nice effort by Maranatha to bounce back from a 2-0 deficit and eventually take the lead. Some mistakes on the basebaths proved to be costly, as well as a couple of walks by Covey. As well has he battled, the old saying “walks can kill” came to fruition as two of his five walks resulted in runs. The never-say-die group of Minutemen should be fighting for another chance at a title next season, although they’re moving up in divisions.

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Maranatha High School goes after its second CIF baseball title as it faces off against No. 1-seeded San Jacinto in the Division VI championship game at UC Riverside’s Sports Complex. Your’s truly will be there with live updates, so check back right here to keep up with what’s happening.

Starting lineups
Maranatha (18-10-1)

1. Erik Johnson, SS
2. Jordan Calloway, RF
3. Cory Popham, 3B
4. Dylan Covey, P
5. Danny Beckwith, 1B
6. Anthony Li, DH/Mark Jebbia, RF
7. Myles Neimeyer, C
8. Shafer Chulay, 2B
9. Joshua Forrester, LF

San Jacinto (21-8)
1. Sal Estanislao, CF
2. Travis Navarro, LF
3. Andrew Darwin, RF
4. Matt Tanner, C
5. Ren Marmolejo, DH/Steven Brown, 2B
6. T.J. Lucio, 3B
7. Matt Oden, P
8. Richard Rodriguez, 1B
9. Miguel Navarro, C

Top of the First
Johnson K. Calloway HBP. Popham bloop single to CF, runners on first and second. Covey struck out looking. Beckwith caught looking.

Bottom of the First
Estanislao fly to RF. Travis Navarro K, 2-3., Darwin BB, steals second, then third. Tanner infield single to deep SS (1-0). Covey picks off Tanner to end inning.

Top of the Second
Li grounder to SS, Neimeyer K, Chulay grounder to SS.

Bottom of the Second
Marmolejo BB, Lucio Sac 2-3. Oden K. Rodriguez groundout 1-3.

Top of the Third
Forrester single RF. Johnson Sac 3U. Calloway aboard on E6, Forrester taking third. Forrester caught in 1-2 rundown, Calloway to third. Popham pops out to LF in shallow CF.

Bottom of the Third
Miguel Navarro fly to RF. Estanislao double to RC, goes to third on WP. Travis Navarro safe on E3, Estanislao scores (2-0). Darwin walks. Tanner grounds into 6-4 force at second. (runners at first-third). Marmolejo struck out.

Top of the Fourth
Covey single to LC. Beckwith aboard on E5 (runners at first and second). Li fly out to CF. On a double steal, throw by catcher sails into LF to score Covey and send Beckwith the third. (2-1). Neimeyer struck out and Chulay grounds out to short.

Bottom of the Fourth
Lucio bloop single to RF. Oden sacrifice 5-3. Rodriguez fly to left. Jebbia gets pinch runner Sam Katz on 7-4 double play.

Top of the Fifth
Reuben Felipe on in relief for Oden going after eighth save. Forrester ground out 2-3 on close play. Johnson strikes out. Calloway draws walk. Popham grounds out to second.

Bottom of the Fifth
Miguel Navarro fly to CF. Estanislao single to LF. Travis Navarro ground out to third on bang-bang play, Estanislao to third. He is picked off by Covey 1-5.

Top of the Sixth
Covey single to LF and is caught stealing 2-6. Beckwith aboard on two-base error on third baseman. Li towering double to LC to score Beckwith (2-2). Pinch runner Danny Sommers picked off at second. pinch-hitter Anthony Chavez walks. Chlay grounds into a 6-4 force.

Bottom of the Sixth
Darwin strikes out (fourth for Covey). Tanner walks (fourth for Covey). Marmolejo grounds out 3-1, Tanner to second. Lucio grounds out to second.

Top of the Seventh
Forrester caught looking. Johnson caught looking. Calloway grounds out to third.

Bottom of the Seventh
Felipe fly out to RF. Rodriguez fly out to CF. Pinch-hitter John Mahle caught looking (fith by Covey).

Top of the Eighth
Popham fly out to LF. Covey walks. Beckwith singles to right-center, runners at first and third. Covey scores on balk by Felipe, Beckwith to second (3-2 Maranatha). Neimeyer pops out to catcher.

Bottom of the Eighth
Estanislao ground out to 3B. Travis Navarro walk (fifth by Covey). Covey replaced by Popham. Infield single by Darwin, runners at first and second. Tanner fly out to LF. Marmolejo safe at first on E6, Navarro scores, first and second. Single to RF by Lucio scores Darwin and ends the game.
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BASEBALL: Maranatha goes for second CIF baseball title

The Minutemen face off against No. 1-seeded San Jacinto in the CIF-SS Division VI baseball championship game Saturday at UC Riverside’s Sports Complex.

A Note: We will have live blogging like we did from Bishop, so if you can’t make it to the game, you can follow the action on the blog.

9858-UC Riverside 1-thumb-400x239.gif
9860-UC Riverside 2-thumb-300x181.gif

Question: Will the Minutemen bring home a title?

CIF-SS Division VI Baseball Championship
Maranatha (18-10-1) vs. San Jacinto (21-8)
UC Riverside Sports Complex
When: 3:30 p.m.
Price: Admission is $5 for children (13 and under) and students (with high school ID) and $9 for adult general admission for the entire day. Parking is $5.
Directions: 60 Freeway east to 3rd Street/Blaine Street exit, left (east) to Rustin Street, right to field.
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SOFTBALL: Public vs. Private Senior All-Star Rosters

Here are the rosters for the third-annual Public vs. Private Senior All-Star softball game which will be held at Heasley Field, located in Sierra Vista Park, 611 E. Sierra Madre Sierra Madre

The game will be held on Tuesday, June 3. There will be a home run contest at 4:30 p.m. with the game beginning at 6 p.m.
Each team will conduct a practice on Monday, June 2. The Private team (4 p.m.-6 p.m.) and the Public team (6 p.m.-8 p.m.)
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SOFTBALL: Public/Private All-Star game set

The third annual Public vs. Private All-Star game will take place on Tuesday, June 3. Due to Arcadia High School’s field not being available due to construction, the game will be played at Heasley Field in Sierra Madre.

Sierra Vista Park is located at 611 E. Sierra Madre Sierra Madre

There will be a home run contest at 4:30 p.m. with the game beginning at 6 p.m.
The private team will be coached by Alverno’s Frank Russo, while Temple City’s Bob Ellingsworth will coach the public team.

Each team will conduct a practice on Monday. The Private team (4 p.m.-6 p.m.) and the Public team (6 p.m.-8 p.m.)

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BASEBALL: Minutemen one game and over 260 miles away from Saturday’s title game

Minutemen travel long road to semis
Maranatha’s marathon 3-2 victory over Lancaster Desert Christian earned the Minutemen to a trip to Bishop for Tuesday’s CIF-SS Division VI semifinals.

9554-Dylan Covey.jpg

Above: Maranatha sophomore pitcher Dylan Covey.

Tuesday’s CIF-SS Division VI Semifinals
Maranatha at Bishop, 3:15 p.m.

My thoughts: Against the No. 2 seed, Maranatha proved it had the pitching to stay in games. Actually, stay in almost two games. If the pitching holds up and they can get some hits in this far away land called Bishop, the Minutemen will be playing for the title on Saturday at UC Riverside.
Question: Can Maranatha overcome the long drive and make it to the finals?

9556-Maranatha baseball vs. DC 1-thumb-200x168.jpg
9558-Maranatha baseball vs. DC 2-thumb-200x133.jpg

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