QUESTION AND ANSWER TIME WITH CIF: Everything you wanted to know about Association Rule

Question: After reading this, do you feel more enlighted or do you have more questions? And do you think the new system will work?


Author: Thom Simmons
Published on: 05/23/2008

On April 24, 2008, the C.I.F. Southern Section Council voted to eliminate C.I.F. Southern Section Blue Book Rule 313, the Association Rule. This rule stated, “During the school year, prior to the established date for authorized before and after-school practice in a particular sport and following an individual’s or team’s last authorized competition, a student may receive athletic instruction in a C.I.F. Southern Section approved sport only during one regularly scheduled physical education period in which the student is enrolled and earning credit for that particular sport.”
Since that time, the C.I.F. Southern Section Office has received many calls and emails with questions on what effects this rule change will have on our member schools. The following information is designed to help answer some of the more frequent questions that have arisen. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Question – When does the elimination of the Association Rule take effect?
Answer – July 1, 2008
Question – What effect does the elimination of this rule have on 6th Period off-season Physical Education classes.
Answer – There will no longer be any restrictions on what coaches can do with their students after the 6th period class is over. Coaches will be allowed to remain with their students and continue to instruct them in the particular skills of their sport after their 6th period class time has concluded.
Question – What effect does this rule change have on Rule 314, the Conditioning Rule?
Answer – With the elimination of the Association Rule, Rule 314, the Conditioning Rule, is no longer valid in the C.I.F. Southern Section.
Question – Can members of the high school athletic staff coach their own students in off-season leagues?
Answer – Yes. Members of the high school athletic staff may organize, sponsor or coach teams outside the high school season of sport, during the school year, with students from their high school on them.
Question – Can club coaches coach club teams and high school teams?
Answer – Yes. A club coach can coach at a high school and coach a club team, outside the high school season of sport, during the school year, with students from that same high school on it.
Question – What effect does this rule change have on the Summer Dead Period?
Answer – None. The Summer Dead Period Rule is unchanged. All sports must observe a 21 consecutive day Dead Period from the close of school in June, or June 13 whichever comes first, and August 24, 2008, the day before Fall Sports season begins. During the Dead Period, the only contact allowed between high school coaches and their students is supervised weightlifting.
Question – Can football programs wear helmets and shoulder pads during the off-season?
Answer – No. The existing rules on when helmets and shoulder pads can be worn, when sleds can be used, what equipment can be used during Spring Practice and Summertime Rules are unchanged. Also, the rule regarding team contact football camps is not affected by the elimination of the Association Rule.

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