FOOTBALL: A new rivarly game

With the blessing of Freddie, here’s what he posted over on the Tribune site.
This sounds like a great event and should be an outstanding contest.

Like the Bonita-San Dimas Smudge Pot, and the Muir-PHS Turkey Tussle, Monrovia and Duarte are putting together the First Annual, “MD Classic,” on September 12. It’s a great idea and long overdue for the neighboring schools. There will be a trophy for the winner to hold for a year, and an MVP award honoring the memory of Monrovia’s Edward “Tuttie” White and Duarte’s Brandon Lee. What makes it even more special is that players, coaches and members of the community from both schools will be invited to share a picnic BBQ a week earlier on Sept. 6 at Monrovia’s Recreation Park, which hopefully brings the communities closer together. It’s something that everyone should support.
“I think it’s a big deal,” Duarte football coach Wardell Crutchfield said. “When I came to Duarte, I didn’t realize how big the rivalry was. I was at a game one time and heard a Monrovia kid say ‘I don’t care what happens, as long as we beat Duarte.’ It’s something that’s long overdue, and having a BBQ together is great for the community, especially with all the stuff we’ve had going on. It’s a win-win situation.”

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