All football, all the time

It’s my first day, so I’m not going to pretend like I know everything about every team. But just as a casual observer of the Pasadena area, I’ll bet the top ten looks something like this. Of course, I’ll need your thoughts as I begin to call coaches and sort this out for the fall preview. So, while I’m dialing away, chew on this and tell me what ya think.

1. St. Francis — Right, the closest thing you have to Bishop Amat, or what once was Bishop Amat.

2. Muir – Aren’t they always right here. Athletic, can beat down most of the teams around here. And they should like their new division.

3. Arcadia – They usually have some Div-I boys over there, Dimalante always has them sound, and has a good competitive rivalry going with St. Francis and Muir.

4. Rosemead – This might be a stretch, but they’ve got some talented players coming back, and Koffler must be getting restless by now.

5. Monrovia – Look, they’ve got the athletes, a new coach in town, and all things being equal — as far as talent — gives them the edge in the Rio Hondo League.

6. Temple City – With or without Mooney, this is T.C. The history speaks for itself and they always seem to be in the mix.

7. La Salle – I’m told this is an up-and-comer, and I know they beat Monrovia a couple years ago in the playoffs, but coach Gallagher is now at Amat, and they’re in a much more competitive division.

8. Alhambra – This is Ruedaflores’ last go-around right? Who knows, he can go on forever as far as I’m concerned. But I figure the Moors are usually a top ten choice in these parts.

9. San Gabriel – Freddy tells me that Matadors coach Keith Jones is the most underrated coach in the Valley. They always have a good quarterback, and if they can play some defense, they’ll be fine.

10. San Marino – Maybe Mooney taking over the V.P. spot rubbed off on this program, because it looks like they’re turning the corner. Maybe not to the Titans of the good ‘ol days, but maybe something that makes the playoffs year in and year out.

Okay wait, I just made a top ten list and forgot Pasadena, Blair, South Pas and Maranatha? Maybe I do need some help, the Bulldogs need to be here somewhere, right?

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