And the honor goes to?

So the first call on my company cell phone comes from none other than Temple City football coach Randy Backus.

“You mean I beat everybody to the punch,” said Backus with a surprise.

Yes, he beat everyone to the punch. And for the record, he knew he wasn’t going to get Scott Galleti on the phone.

By the way, if any coaches need to get a hold of me just call Scott’s old cell phone. I turned it on today.

Well guys, I’m headed off to Human Resources to fill out a ton of paper work. But I have begun typing schedules, which I’ll knock out today, and I’ll be sending out a mass e-mail to all coaches tonight.

And starting tomorrow guys and gals I start making the calls and possibly heading out to the field for the smell of freshly cut grass and a bunch of sweaty teenagers. Oh and I’ll also be getting back to your questions on comments on the previous entry. Thanks for your patience in this transition process.

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