Ryan Hollins sighting at Muir High

Ryan Hollins, formerly of Muir High and UCLA, was spotted just outside the Muir basketball gym. The Ryan Hollins Camp had just concluded and he was seen chatting with some coaches.

There were a handful of young kids and high school-aged kids playing ball in the stuffy gym.

It’s always nice to see former college and pro ballers come back to their community and give back. I haven’t seen much of Hollins’ camp publicized but kudos to Hollins for giving back to his community.

The media tends to focus on just the negative stuff and when good things are being done by pro players it often goes unsaid. Here’s hoping good karma heads your way, Ryan.

I was on my way over to Muir High to meet the Mustang football coaches. I couldn’t find them or the football office until I ran into Sheldon, who greeted me with a friendly smile and firm handshake.

Sheldon helped me locate the football coaches’ office and some of the football coaches.

I will have more on Muir football in Thursday morning’s blog. All I gotta say is you have to tune in. Stang fans definitely will love what they’ll read.

The rest of you, well, just be sure you’re sitting when reading.

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