Muir: Bring on Diamond Ranch!

Muir starts hell week on Aug. 18 but assistant football coach Antyone Sims (fourth year overall, second year offensive coordinator) is not shying away from heating things up. (Note: Head coach Ken Howard did not attend the coach’s meeting Wednesday at Muir High)

Cocky? No.

Confident? Yes.

Sims talked about the team’s strengths and there seems to be plenty. Sims added he’s excited about the realignment for the playoffs. Time to declare the true San Gabriel Valley champion.

“We’re ready to show we’re for real,” Sims said.

And he didn’t blink when he said that.

St. Francis this, Diamond Ranch that, it didn’t t seem to faze Sims or the Mustangs.

They’re ready to show what they’ve got and against Diamond Ranch in Diamond Bar won’t be walk in the park. The stands I’m sure will be packed for this game.

But first thing first.

Senior quarterback Reuben “Bingo” Thomas will lead the Pacific League champion Mustangs. He had 28 touchdowns last season, 13 of them on the ground and rushed for nearly 1,000 yards. Thomas threw just two interceptions.

As I’ve said already, Thomas will be a tough quarterback to prepare against. He threw for almost 2,000 yards last season.

Sims took it a step further: “Thomas is the best player in the area.”

That’s right. Not just the West, but the entire 626.

Those are some pretty gutsy statements and I’m sure St. Francis and others will have something to say about that.

But Thomas does have some weaknesses. His mechanics aren’t the best but coach isn’t too worried about that, saying they’ll work on that during camp.

The Mustangs’ spread offense won’t compliment Thomas but he does have the skills to make it work.

Looks like the University of Nevada and some Pac-10 schools have shown interest.

Thomas’ go-to guy will be Marcus Garves, a senior three-year starter splitting time at receiver and DB. They tell me he’s a savvy player with good hands.

Senior Chris Dunlap is the fastest kid on the team, earning first team Pacific League honors on defense. Myles Campbell is explosive on his feet at the other wing.

Sims said he’s excited about the new playoff realignment and why wouldn’t he? The best of the West meets against the East.

The only weakness for the Stangs? No running back!

Sims said they’re not too worried about not having a true running back.

There’s a lot of talk about the East getting the edge on having more talent than the West.

But it sounds like Muir is ready to put those talks to rest.

Can the Mustangs represent the West and give them some bragging rights?

This of course can only be settled under the lights.

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