Mooney back on the sidelines

I’ve been on the phone with coaches pretty much all day. A lot of good information but here’s one tidbit I’m sure yall would like to chew on:

Mike Mooney is back on the sidelines, but it’s not what you think.

Coach D.R. Moreland is in control of the reigns at San Marino but it’s looking like Mooney now is a full-time assistant coach on Moreland’s staff.

Mooney coached a long time at Temple City before taking over as assistant principal last season. Mooney helped out with the football team from time to time last season but officially is coming on board this season. He will concentrate on the offensive line.

“Anytime you can add a coach of his (Mooney) caliber every body is going to get excited,” Moreland said.

Moreland said he had been bugging Mooney to come on board and after settling in as assistant principal he finally did.

Also coming on board is Rich Enright who previously coached JV and at one point was San Marino’s head coach. Moreland was pretty psyched about having two former head coaches on his staff this season.

I have to imagine anytime a coach of Mooney’s caliber is on your staff the expectations automatically go up.

I’m not saying the Titans will vie for the Rio Hondo League title, but don’t be surprised if they make the playoffs this season.

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