Creepy or not …

When I was at The Register I covered track & field for one season after an editor came in and made his changes. When he left and a new editor was in place I was shifted back to my old beat, tennis.

Well, during that time covering track I got a lot of nasty e-mails about my coverage. The message boards were blowing up and one guy in particular started a little campaign to get me fired.

Coaches, parents and track experts always said I was doing a good job and never mind the rude e-mails. But one night after covering a track meet all day and night, I walked over to my car in the school parking lot and found three nasty notes that were left on the windshield of my car!

Later in the office my colleagues and I had a good laugh about it.

And then yesterday happened, minus the windshield and nasty notes.

As I was making calls to coaches I got a note sent to me here at the Star-News offices in Pasadena. The front desk receptionist tapped my shoulder and said, “This note came for you.”

The note in part reads:

Please find more space in your sports pages for John Muir’s football team preseason and regular. I love the Pasadena star news and John Muir football.

Hmmm … Am I being stalked? Should I take an entourage with me to Muir games? Sure, it was a tame not but still, to have it HAND DELIVERED to me threw me off just a bit. The person who wrote the note signed it but it’s not an actual name. I think it’s a nickname but I won’t disclose the name.

Maybe I’m just paranoid.

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