…And now to you regularly scheduled program…

If you didn’t know by now the blog had been down since Tuesday afternoon. Our tech guys in West Covina, Los Angeles and Denver put their minds together and have fixed it.

Since the blog had been down I’ve been getting the football preview together (it’s slated to publish Sept. 3, but don’t quote me on that).

I know you guys want top 10 in every position and I hope to get that out here on the blog before the preview runs. But right now my priority has been to turn in copy by deadline and in the meantime I will keep you all informed about practices that I attend.

As far as the creepy note goes, I can get by. If I can handle Mission Viejo and Mater Dei fans I think I can handle anything on this side.

And looks like one person is already calling for my head, but I’m here to stay.

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