Because you asked for it…

…The top 5 QB’s, RB’s and WR’s…

There’s been one poster in particular who has been begging for top 10 players at each position. Well, no way I could give you an educated guess on the top 10 players at each position in the first week on the job; coaches and AD’s out of town before the start of fall camp.

But after talking to numerous coaches it’s safe to say I can dish out at least the top 5 players at QB, RB and WR.

I know someone requested top 10, but are there really 10 quality quarterbacks in the Valley? I think there definitely are five good quarterbacks and you could argue 6-10 at each position.

I’ll have that list throughout Friday afternoon and possibly into Saturday, if not Monday for sure.

For now, give me your top 5 at each of those positions and if you think you’re slicker than I am, list your top 5 DB’s, DL’s, OL’s and LB’s … Or better yet, list your top 10!

This could be dangerous.

p.s. You guys have been fabulous and cordial on the comments. That’s always appreciated and makes my job easier to moderate the comments, thanks!

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