The Top 5 WR’s

I don’t claim to know everything but based on the information I have received from the coaches in the area, here is my preliminary top 5 list.

It’s hard for me to admit this, and I might not hear the end of it for writing this, but I just don’t see the East having that much talent to put out top 10 players at each position. I think there are five solid players and the rest are up for debate. Am I wrong?

Things of course can change and you guys can have your say on who belongs and who doesn’t. The wide receivers list is here. Check back Saturday afternoon for RB’s and on Sunday for QB’s.

So without further ado, here is the list topped by Dietrich Riley.


1. Dietrich Riley, Jr., St. Francis: Hands down arguably the best athlete in the entire San Gabriel Valley.

2. Mitchell Crockom, Jr., Alhambra: His ability to read the ball and time his jumps along with speed and physical ability is what makes him as good, if not better, than Zion Babb who is now at Michigan.

3. Tyree Mills, Sr., Muir: Look for big things from him, I know Reuben Thomas will be looking for him a lot.

4. Brian Rambeau, Sr., Arcadia: His last name sounds like “Rambo” and I know Rambo was one tough dude. He’s got the hands and will be a playmaker.

5. Joseph Jackson, Sr., Pasadena: Very physical and will be the catalyst on offense.

Your player didn’t make the list? Does someone on the list not belong there? Go ahead, talk your smack (in orderly fashion, of course).

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