The Top 5 RB’s

Had some unexpected things come up over the weekend and couldn’t get the list out (I thought I had e-mailed the list to myself so I could post it over the weekend but I accidentally left the list in Pasadena. My bad).

So here are the top 5 RB’s. Hope you all keep in mind these lists are never official and of course not set in stone. Some names could move around (like Dietrich Riley probably playing more running back than receiver).

But here it is …

1. Marqis Williams, Sr., Monrovia

2. Marcus Wells, Sr., La Salle

3. Kendal Boggs, Sr., Monrovia

4. Nick Conora, Sr. Temple City

5. Gilbert Garcia, Sr., San Gabriel

Someone left a comment “ur an idiot” on my top WR thread. I’ve been called much worse. As always, I wanna hear your take on the list.

Here’s my little disclaimer: I’ve been here for just a little over two weeks. I’m still trying to learn the names and figure out who’s legit and who’s all talk. As I get out to more and more practices I’ll get a better feel and more comfortable about putting out lists like these. Nevertheless, I’m posting the list in hopes of riling you guys up and get you to talk with your feedback that surely helps me while I saddle up and get ready for the season.

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