NFL, ABC-7 honors San Gabriel coach Keith Jones

The 2008 season is just a few days away from kicking off and the first recepient of this year’s NFL Southern California High School Coach of the Week honors goes to San Gabriel’s very own Keith Jones.

Every week ABC’s SportsZone with Rob Fukuzaki will honor a high school football coach with the honor and a $1,000 check to be used for the football program.

During Saturday night’s broadcast after the Cal-Michigan State game, Jones was honored with the award. ABC-7’s John Hartung reported from San Gabriel High.

His passion for football and teaching the game are undeniable.
Keith jones has brought energy and winning attitude to the Matadors sidelines.

“I’ve gotta give my coaching staff credit,” Jones said. “Now that we’re starting I can see it working together well and I can see it (winning the Almont League) hapenning (again).”

So what does Jones think of this year’s squad?

“These are the next guys in line and we’re just going to re-load,” Jones said.

I’ve been watching college football all day while also browsing the net. I recognized the stadium in the tease as they headed to commercials when Fukuzaki said they were going to honor the first Coach of the Week honoree. So I immediately opened a new browser and got ready to type as fast as I could whatever reporter John Hartung said about Jones.

Congrats, coach Jones.

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