Breaking News: Dodgers acquire Greg Maddux

My boy Dylan Hernandez, the Dodgers beat writer at the Los Angeles Times, reports the Dodgers reached an agreement with the Padres on a deal to acquire Maddux.

Dylan writes:

“The Dodgers today reached agreement with the San Diego Padres on a deal to acquire veteran pitcher Greg Maddux, according to a person familiar with the deal, speaking on condition of anonymity because the deal had not been announced.

Dodger spokesman Josh Rawitch and General Manager Ned Colletti said no deal was in place, and declined to say whether the club was even in discussions about Maddux. Major League Baseball forbids club officials from discussing possible trades involving players who have been placed on waivers.

This should help the Dodgers rotation since it looks like their relievers can’t hold leads. I like this trade a lot.

And it’s funny I’m writing this right now with the TV in front of me at my desk playing the Dodgers re-broadcast of Monday’s game when they blew a 5-1 lead in the 9th. Thankfully, Andre Ethier saved the day with a walk-off home run, yet again.

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The Top 5 QB’s


1. Reuben Thomas, Sr., Muir – Strong arm, mobile and dangerous on the run. Coach Ken Howard says he’s the best player in the SGV. We’ll have to wait and see.

2. Chase Rettig, Jr., La Salle – Already a veteran as a junior. Good arm and a good size at 6-foot-3, 200 pounds. Mobile enough to get outside though he can also throw in the pocket.

3. Matt Schilz, Sr., Maranatha – There’s not much he can’t do and with his size (6-foot-3, 190 pounds) look for good things. Broke his femur last season in the second game against St. Margaret’s but Coach Joel Murphy is expecting big things from him this season.

4. Isaac Valdez, Jr., San Gabriel – The All Almont-League quarterback returns and he’ll anchor the offense for the Matadors.

5. Steven Wright, Sr., San Marino – Wright is back and he’ll direct things for the Titans. Don’t be surprised if he suddenly develops into a really good quarterback, especially with Mooney handling the offense.

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The Top 5 RB’s

Had some unexpected things come up over the weekend and couldn’t get the list out (I thought I had e-mailed the list to myself so I could post it over the weekend but I accidentally left the list in Pasadena. My bad).

So here are the top 5 RB’s. Hope you all keep in mind these lists are never official and of course not set in stone. Some names could move around (like Dietrich Riley probably playing more running back than receiver).

But here it is …

1. Marqis Williams, Sr., Monrovia

2. Marcus Wells, Sr., La Salle

3. Kendal Boggs, Sr., Monrovia

4. Nick Conora, Sr. Temple City

5. Gilbert Garcia, Sr., San Gabriel

Someone left a comment “ur an idiot” on my top WR thread. I’ve been called much worse. As always, I wanna hear your take on the list.

Here’s my little disclaimer: I’ve been here for just a little over two weeks. I’m still trying to learn the names and figure out who’s legit and who’s all talk. As I get out to more and more practices I’ll get a better feel and more comfortable about putting out lists like these. Nevertheless, I’m posting the list in hopes of riling you guys up and get you to talk with your feedback that surely helps me while I saddle up and get ready for the season.

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The Top 5 WR’s

I don’t claim to know everything but based on the information I have received from the coaches in the area, here is my preliminary top 5 list.

It’s hard for me to admit this, and I might not hear the end of it for writing this, but I just don’t see the East having that much talent to put out top 10 players at each position. I think there are five solid players and the rest are up for debate. Am I wrong?

Things of course can change and you guys can have your say on who belongs and who doesn’t. The wide receivers list is here. Check back Saturday afternoon for RB’s and on Sunday for QB’s.

So without further ado, here is the list topped by Dietrich Riley.


1. Dietrich Riley, Jr., St. Francis: Hands down arguably the best athlete in the entire San Gabriel Valley.

2. Mitchell Crockom, Jr., Alhambra: His ability to read the ball and time his jumps along with speed and physical ability is what makes him as good, if not better, than Zion Babb who is now at Michigan.

3. Tyree Mills, Sr., Muir: Look for big things from him, I know Reuben Thomas will be looking for him a lot.

4. Brian Rambeau, Sr., Arcadia: His last name sounds like “Rambo” and I know Rambo was one tough dude. He’s got the hands and will be a playmaker.

5. Joseph Jackson, Sr., Pasadena: Very physical and will be the catalyst on offense.

Your player didn’t make the list? Does someone on the list not belong there? Go ahead, talk your smack (in orderly fashion, of course).

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A few good men (and women)

The San Gabriel Valley Football Officials Association is always looking for new members and it’s not too late to start with them this football season.

Anyone who might be interested in joining should attend the next meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 2 at Rosemead High, 6:30 PM. No experience is necessary, and any males or females who enjoy football are welcomed. And yes, the games are paid games.

The San Gabriel Valley Football Officials Association has about 80 officials in the unit, and provides game officials for about 28 high schools in the San Gabriel Valley. They meet about 6 times for instruction during the season on Tuesday nights at Rosemead High.

Those seeking more information about joining should call the secretary Treasurer Bob McQueen at (626) 285-6608, or email him at

Visit for more information.

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