You’re a pro, show some class

Here’s proof that knuckleheads come in all shapes and sizes.

I’m all for being frustrated if things do go right whether it’s on the mound, on the hardwood or on the pitch, but don’t disrespect your teammates and coaches by showing classless moves.

Texas Rangers pitcher C.J. Wilson pouted like a little kid after Texas manager Ron Washington pulled him in the eighth. Wilson apparently wasn’t happy being taken out and before Washington could retrieve the ball, Wilson tossed the ball to him. Washington, pulled him back and made Wilson hand him the ball. The sad part is this is only one of numerous classless moves by Wilson.

I see a lot classless stuff when I cover games and I’ve gotten into the habit of posting unacceptable behavior when I blogged at The Register.

I usually don’t mention names but when something clearly is out of hand I’ll write about it on the blog.

I covered a soccer game between two OC soccer powerhouses last year and a lot was claimed to have said and done: from home fans spitting the visiting team to cursing. Keep in mind both these teams are Catholic schools. Some of those allegations made the paper (coach’s quotes) just as did a brawl that broke out at a soccer game I covered a few years ago. The AD’s wanted me to keep that out of the paper but of course that didn’t happen.

As a reporter I see a lot and my intent never is to put a kid or school to shame, but actions such as Wilson’s are unacceptable at any level, me thinks.

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Kid’s got game released its top 300 recruits list and Arcadia’s Todd Golper is listed the 104th best recruit in the nation from the class of 2009.

Golper is listed as a middle linebacker committed of course to UCLA and is ranked No. 5 at his position.

Here’s what the experts over at said about Golper:

Golper is excellent in pass coverage, witness his slew of interceptions last fall, and he’s a very good and solid tackler. A classic middle linebacker, Golper has a high football IQ, great leadership skills and is a gamer.

In case you’re wondering and haven’t been living on Earth, Mater Dei and USC commit quarterback Matt Barkley holds the No. 1 spot.

Should Golper move to No. 1 on the “Top 5 players this side of the 626″?

Here’s hoping Golper has a great season and gives fellow Bruins fans something to cheer about.

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Top 5 players this side of the 626

Drum roll please …

1. Dietrich Riley, St. Francis, Jr. – For the record, no, I’m not Catholic.

Riley is being recruited at cornerback but will play safety/linebacker and running back/wide receiver at St. Francis. USC beat everyone else to the punch and gave Riley an offer, and of course UCLA followed suit. Oklahoma, Florida and Texas also have expressed interest.

Don’t be surprised if he lines up at quarterback and takes off from there. The word from the grapevine is he’ll need to get better on one-and-one coverage. But he’s a very physical player and has a high competitive level and that’s something you don’t teach.

USC evaluates talent well so they must know what they’re talking about when they’re giving Riley an offer on the spot.

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While skimming through the schedules…

….I noticed some things that caught my attention:

* Blair’s schedule is unusually thin. I see on my contact list here that Blair has a new football coach. Naturally when I saw only one nonleague game (Sept. 12 at West Covina, 7 p.m.) I wondered what happened to the other four nonleague games? Couldn’t schedule any more games? Did some teams bail out? Or was this one of those cases where the new coach will have to play catch up? (I can relate to that. Kinda)

I hear Blair will be the old Blair and some are hoping they’re not.

It’s never easy for a new coach no matter the sport to come in and start basically from scratch. New coaches don’t just have to worry about playbooks and pads, but also the logistics behind being a head coach like making sure insurances papers are signed and physicals are taken, etc.

The turnover is high over there considering Randy Backus has been coaching the Rams for 15 years.

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And the honor goes to?

So the first call on my company cell phone comes from none other than Temple City football coach Randy Backus.

“You mean I beat everybody to the punch,” said Backus with a surprise.

Yes, he beat everyone to the punch. And for the record, he knew he wasn’t going to get Scott Galleti on the phone.

By the way, if any coaches need to get a hold of me just call Scott’s old cell phone. I turned it on today.

Well guys, I’m headed off to Human Resources to fill out a ton of paper work. But I have begun typing schedules, which I’ll knock out today, and I’ll be sending out a mass e-mail to all coaches tonight.

And starting tomorrow guys and gals I start making the calls and possibly heading out to the field for the smell of freshly cut grass and a bunch of sweaty teenagers. Oh and I’ll also be getting back to your questions on comments on the previous entry. Thanks for your patience in this transition process.

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All football, all the time

It’s my first day, so I’m not going to pretend like I know everything about every team. But just as a casual observer of the Pasadena area, I’ll bet the top ten looks something like this. Of course, I’ll need your thoughts as I begin to call coaches and sort this out for the fall preview. So, while I’m dialing away, chew on this and tell me what ya think.

1. St. Francis — Right, the closest thing you have to Bishop Amat, or what once was Bishop Amat.

2. Muir - Aren’t they always right here. Athletic, can beat down most of the teams around here. And they should like their new division.

3. Arcadia - They usually have some Div-I boys over there, Dimalante always has them sound, and has a good competitive rivalry going with St. Francis and Muir.

4. Rosemead – This might be a stretch, but they’ve got some talented players coming back, and Koffler must be getting restless by now.

5. Monrovia – Look, they’ve got the athletes, a new coach in town, and all things being equal — as far as talent — gives them the edge in the Rio Hondo League.

6. Temple City - With or without Mooney, this is T.C. The history speaks for itself and they always seem to be in the mix.

7. La Salle – I’m told this is an up-and-comer, and I know they beat Monrovia a couple years ago in the playoffs, but coach Gallagher is now at Amat, and they’re in a much more competitive division.

8. Alhambra – This is Ruedaflores’ last go-around right? Who knows, he can go on forever as far as I’m concerned. But I figure the Moors are usually a top ten choice in these parts.

9. San Gabriel - Freddy tells me that Matadors coach Keith Jones is the most underrated coach in the Valley. They always have a good quarterback, and if they can play some defense, they’ll be fine.

10. San Marino - Maybe Mooney taking over the V.P. spot rubbed off on this program, because it looks like they’re turning the corner. Maybe not to the Titans of the good ‘ol days, but maybe something that makes the playoffs year in and year out.

Okay wait, I just made a top ten list and forgot Pasadena, Blair, South Pas and Maranatha? Maybe I do need some help, the Bulldogs need to be here somewhere, right?

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